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Video marketing made easy – and more effective.

With a single integrated dashboard and simplified workflows that let you publish to all your channels with just one click, Brightcove Campaign makes video marketing as easy as it is powerful.

Ready to tell the world about your amazing product? Let our guide Create Demand Through Video Marketing show you how.

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Integrations give your video superpowers.

Integrations with popular sales, marketing, and business solutions give the Brightcove platform powers you never dreamed of. (Okay, maybe you dreamed of them… but now they’re coming true!) Check them all out in our superpower supermarket, the Brightcove Marketplace.

Read “Create a Best-of-Breed Video Experience With a One-Stop Shop for Technical Integrations.”

And prepare for a trip to the Marketplace.

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Letting data drive your marketing is the roadmap to success.

From generating demand to converting sales, data is the fuel your marketing automation runs on. Track video performance in your CRM to optimize engagement throughout the customer journey and get where you want to go.

Video is remarkably effective at turning prospects into customers, no matter where they are in the purchase journey.

Learn how and why in "A Medium Worth Mastering."

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European electronics e-tailer didn’t recreate an in-store experience with video — they built something better. logo
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Hennge used fewer resources to produce greater success.

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