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Our video experts have deep experience in a wide range of technologies and businesses, and they’re ready to apply their knowledge to your unique challenges. OTT, virtual events, player customization, interactivity, app experiences, video and system integrations — just tell them the problem you’re trying to solve and they’ll get to work.

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Have big goals for your next video initiative but don’t have the time or resources? With technical consulting from Brightcove Global Services, our experts will give you hands-on help working with our APIs and SDKs so your teams can quickly and efficiently cross the finish line.

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Our project teams are located all over the world. Their proximity (wherever you are), expertise, and agility mean you can be confident your deliverables will be ready on time and to your scope.

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Our Services

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Video Cloud — Content, Integrations, and Playback

Content Ingestion: We can help you migrate or delete assets from Video Cloud to manage storage and costs.

Content Management: This automated service enables you to ingest small or large batches of content from an external storage location.

Digital Asset Management Integrations: We can set up two-way communication for sharing video files and metadata between your DAM or MAM platform and Brightcove.

Custom Player Plugins: Want to incorporate a unique playback or interactivity feature into your player? We’ll build a plugin for you.

Custom SDKs: We can create custom smart TV or STB SDKs (similar to our iOS and Android SDKs).

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Integrations, Data Exports, and User Insights

Integration with MAPs: Don’t use Marketo, Hubspot, or Salesforce for marketing automation? No problem. We’ll help you send data to whichever platform you use.

Data Exportation to a Business Intelligence Platform: Send data to Microsoft BI, Tableau, and other visualization platforms and tools.

Data Exportation to a 3rd-Party Database: We can create a CSV or file export that can be uploaded into your database. And we’ll help you track custom user metrics and combine reports as needed.

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Analytics — Exports, Metrics, and Reporting

Data Exportation to 3rd-Party Data Platforms: Send metrics from Brightcove Analytics to 3rd-party platforms like Google, Adobe, and others.

Data-Driven Gamification: We can build leaderboards, create badges, and track users to gamify virtual events or interactive sessions.

Custom Metrics: We’ll help you collect and report on metrics that are not captured by the Brightcove Analytics module or player.

Analytics-Based Content Recommendations: Create playlists and recommendations for users based upon content engagement and performance. We’ll show you how.

Custom Dashboards and Reports: We can create dashboards to meet your specific reporting needs.

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Live — EPGs, Interactivity, and Advertising

Custom EPGs: Build an electronic program guide using broadcast schedules or data feeds and display it within the Brightcove Player or right on the page.

Live Video Interactivity: We can use SCTE markers or ID3 tags to add interactivity or calls-to-action within a live stream.

SSAI Injection Buttons: We’ll create workflows to easily identify where to insert ads, making live video producers’ and engineers’ jobs a lot easier.

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Gallery — Branding, UX, and Authentication

Custom Gallery Page Headers and Footers: Want to provide a seamless user and branding experience? We’ll build a custom header and footer to match your other branded sites.

Authentication/Gated Landing Pages: We’ll help you create a landing page (or integrate with an authentication system) for a Gallery-hosted event to ensure secure and easy SSO.

Page Customizations: We’re happy to create custom page designs and experiences to supplement the standard Gallery templates.

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API — Development, Consultation, and Middleware

Development Consultations: We’ll consult on or develop Brightcove API integrations, including best practices, code samples, and solution validation.

Middleware Translation Between Brightcove and 3rd Parties: We’ll provide a middleware solution that translates the data from one system and then automatically generates an API call to another platform.

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Beacon — Migrations, Fast-tracks, and UX

User and User Entitlements Migrations: We’ll help you migrate users and/or user entitlements from an existing OTT provider to Beacon.

User Management and Subscription Integrations: We’ll help you integrate 3rd-party subscriptions or monetization platforms beyond Beacon’s standard offering.

Customized App User Interfaces and Experiences: If they’re allowed by Beacon, we’ll make them for you.

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Security — Watermarking, Playback, and SSO

Forensic Watermark Token Generation: We can generate a unique user token that tells the Brightcove Player how to play back file segments in a specific A/B pattern.

Playback Authorization Service Token Generation: We have a JWT token generation service that creates entitlements for what content a user may watch.

User Management and SSO Integrations: We’ll help you gate content based on user management or SSO database information.

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Custom Apps — Mobile, CMS, and Platform

Custom Playback: Mobile SDKs for Customer Apps Want to add additional playback functionality to your apps? That’s what we’re here for.

Central App CMSs: We’ll create a central CMS-based location for all app UX and video content updates.

New Platform Apps: Beacon template apps don’t fit your needs? No problem — we’re happy to build custom apps for you.

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