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Your data drives results.

Using data effectively is a decisive factor in the success of every video business. Results have shown that companies that use a data-driven strategy to make decisions are the ones that are winning. When it’s harmonized, visualized, and plugged into your marketing systems, video data can:

  • Strengthen audience acquisition
  • Turn trials into long-term customers
  • Build engagement
  • Improve content licensing and production decisions
  • Reduce churn

Ultimately, the many benefits of video data all lead to an increase in your audience lifetime value.

A unified view of your data for deep insights into your business.

OTT analytics can be overwhelming, but Brightcove Audience Insights will clear it all up for you. One of the biggest obstacles to becoming a data-driven organization is employee access to the data they need to make better decisions. Brightcove Audience Insights gives them a unified view of your video data that’s accessible for all teams across key metrics.

When you know your audience, you know your business.

What brings you new viewers? Why do subscribers churn? Who is most likely to stick with your streaming service? The answers are in the data — unlock them with Brightcove Audience Insights. Plus, industry benchmarks give you an objective view of your business so you can see how it stacks up to your peers and where it makes sense to focus your resources.

How engaged is your audience?

Revealing metrics let you quickly determine the frequency of your audience’s engagement with your service. Then you can create communications strategies targeted to different groups of viewers to make sure they come back for more.

Segments make marketing automation work harder.

Automate your most critical audience outreach efforts by designing segments based on viewer status, tenure, device, engagement level, and even the videos they loved or didn’t like. A daily or weekly sync of this segment with your marketing system or CRM allows you to trigger emails, notifications, and other communications to help you reach your goals.

Are your distribution partners working for you?

Reports on the distribution page provide insight into the effectiveness of third-party app stores and distribution partners. This includes the Apple App Store, Google Play, the Roku App Store, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Comcast X1, and Roku Channels.

A quick overview for those who just want the big picture.

The summary feature lets you put the right information in front of the right people with a detailed overview of the business for managers, execs, and board members. Save time and resources, improve communications, assess performance — and extend your insights by creating new charts and dashboards based on queries into your harmonized data set.

We’re invested in your success.

Our Customer Success program makes onboarding easy. Securely enter credentials for your data sources and our onboarding team will take it from there. Accessing your Brightcove-generated data is easy, and we’ll integrate data from other sources as well — we’ll even work with media companies not using Brightcove’s products today.

  • Site and app analytics provide engagement data.
  • Subscriber management and payment processors detail the relationship with each subscriber.
  • OVP and video management systems provide context for the shows, genres, classes and leagues your audience loves.
  • Plus, direct data export to key marketing systems like HubSpot, Braze, Blueshift, Segment, Sailthru and others makes taking action even easier

The deep expertise of our Customer Success team adds additional analyst horsepower to your initiatives. They will meet with your team regularly to share best practices, review your data and recommend actions you can take.

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Brightcove Audience Insights is available in three versions.


Data is the key that unlocks audience and revenue growth.
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