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Get more revenue from your content and platform



From cloud-based encoding to distribution across all devices and platforms, our end-to-end OTT streaming video platform makes it easy for you to engage audiences with beautiful viewing experiences.

Flexible Monetization That’s Best For Your Content

Flexibly and easily monetize using the model that best suits your audience and your content – SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, registered users, or combine two or more in a hybrid approach.

  • Robust Ad-Tech Support: Enable smooth, bufferless dynamic ad insertion via Brightcove’s advanced SSAI service, or leverage a broad suite of CSAI plug-ins Subscription Management: Pre-built partner integrations with Stripe, Evergent, and others enable you to quickly launch tiered subscription contracts, rental entitlements, PPV, and download-to-own purchases
  • Protected and Secure: Protect content rights and secure streaming delivery with sophisticated security policy enforcement, entitlement orchestration, and simplified multi-format DRM solutions
  • Brightcove Ad Monetization: Ensure inventory is consistently monetized with yield-optimized ad fulfillment, and fill unsold inventory with our competitive bidding network of integrated sell-side platforms.
  • Optimized Advertising with Ad Insights: Identify how sensitive your audience is to ad placement, frequency, and duration across content types, devices, regions, and other dimensions.
Not sure which monetization strategy is best for you? Check out our Monetization Solutions Guides.

Reach and Engage the Globe

Help your audience discover relationships across assets in your library with tag-based metadata, leverage social integrations with the most popular platforms, and foster engagement with your audience via powerful interactive options

  • Accessibility: Ensure regulatory compliance and broaden your audience with high-quality captions, descriptive audio tracks, VPAT, and audio-only options, including integrated auto-captioning powered by 3Play
  • Global Delivery with Content Localization: Brightcove makes it easy to optimize streaming delivery to any market by providing a global multi-CDN delivery platform that efficiently delivers live and on-demand streaming content, continuously identifies the best path for distribution, and includes integrated support for video delivery to China
  • Gallery: Easily deploy web and mobile playback experiences with Brightcove Gallery, with automated smart playlists and customizable carousels to maximize engagement
  • Apps: Build, deploy, and manage template-driven app experiences on leading CTV platforms such as Roku, AppleTV, Samsung and others with Brightcove Beacon
  • Essential Insights: Answer fundamental questions for every video service: When is my audience engaging? And how is my content performing?

Efficient Workflows for Beautiful Video Experiences

From a single short-form clip to concurrently onboarding thousands of long-form titles, Media Studio includes everything you need to ensure a consistently high-quality experience across all devices and platforms.

  • Stream Processing that Drives Quality and Efficiency: Context-Aware Encoding (CAE) applies advanced AI- and ML-derived optimizations automatically for every ingested asset, dramatically reducing storage and bandwidth requirements
  • Automated Multi-Format Streaming: Optimize your quality-cost ratio with our Emmy Award-winning codec switching that actively identifies device capabilities and optimizes the stream on the fly
  • Simplified Live Streaming: Easily stream live, from one-off live events to 24/7 linear channels, and ensure reliability and performance with a global network of live stream entry points
  • Cloud Playout 2.0 and FAST Delivery: Use a mix of on-demand library assets and live sources to power monetized linear channel experiences to your owned-and-operated properties and FAST platforms.
  • Beautiful High-Performance Playback: Leverage the world’s leading player technology to engage audiences with beautiful playback and 15% faster load times
  • QoE Insights: Identify QoE performance, trends over time, and pinpoint where quality impairments are being introduced and exactly how they impact viewer engagement
Explore how Brightcove delivers end-to-end visibility and actionable insights.

Built on Video Cloud, the most trusted streaming platform with the scale, security, and support you need

VideoCloud streams live events around the world that reach millions of concurrent viewers, with security features that include authentication, entitlements, managing concurrency, geo-restrictions, stream encryption, and DRM.

  • 24/7 Global Support: Teams around the world work in coordination to ensure nothing comes between your audience and your video
  • Flexible, Fast, and Easy: Integrations with APIs and extensive developer support and documentation make it easy to add Video Cloud to your technology stack
  • Brightcove Marketplace: Access over 100 vetted and approved integrations that extend Video Cloud’s capabilities
  • Turnkey Global Live Streaming: Deliver high-performance live streams with sophisticated scheduling options, automated resource provisioning, and powerful workflow automation
  • It Just Works: Every day, we are trusted to deliver some of the world's most valuable content at a scale and quality that few can claim. Brightcove Video Cloud is the most trusted streaming platform on the market, with innovative services and a focus on the needs of media organizations
Download the Media Studio Datasheet here

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