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With Brightcove, major media and fan brands can offer whichever monetization options work best for their audience and their content.


Flexible monetization models

We know you have to be strategic when it comes to monetizing your media — the model you use should be based on your particular audience and the content you offer. At Brightcove, we support all monetization models — AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, and any combination of the three.

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Maximize ad revenue when your content draws in millions of viewers every month

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Go with a transaction-based (pay-per-view) model or a registered-user approach if you have compelling one-off events

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Build a profitable subscription-based business when you have passionate fans willing to pay to access your content

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Mix and match a combination of the above if a hybrid best suits your content and your audience

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Include Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels to the mix to make your content work harder for you, reach a bigger audience and increase your ROI on content with inventory and revenue share strategies. Check out our partnership with Frequency.

Reach audiences wherever, whenever with dynamic content distribution

With our OTT solution, you’ll never have to choose between setting up a new OTT experience fast and setting it up right, because our streamlined development process and application management optimizations make it easy to do both.

  • Effortlessly scale to support millions of concurrent viewers and deliver reliable, beautiful live streams to every device, including mobile, TV, tablet, and desktop
  • Leverage our Accedo One partnership to create bespoke apps across channels
  • Engage audiences with promotions on social channels, multilingual functionality, and more
  • Leverage a seamless integration between Brightcove’s Media Studio and Frequency’s Virtual Linear Channel Playout Platform to quickly reach 50+ FAST channel distributors and their apps

Grow your audience by understanding your audience

Understanding how your monetization strategies are performing is an essential factor in your success. While we can’t read minds (yet), Brightcove’s Audience Insights will tell you a lot about your viewers’ habits and preferences. By understanding variables like audience gains and losses, lifetime value, engagement status, and content effectiveness, Brightcove’s Audience Insights can help you deepen engagement and grow your business.

  • Get below the surface and optimize your content license, production, and editorial strategies with metrics such as our attention index and net view share
  • Acquire more viewers like your best ones through look-alike campaigns
  • Optimize trials and proactively address stalled ones to create more long-term audience members
  • Promote deeper viewer engagement through campaigns based on current levels of engagement
  • Apply the above to your FAST channels on your Own & Operated properties

Check out Audience Insights to see how this product could work for you.

Built on Media Studio

Flexible monetization is just one feature of Brightcove Media Studio, our platform especially for media businesses. With efficient workflows and powerful-yet-easy-to-use content management, Brightcove Media Studio enables you to reach and engage the globe with beautiful video.

  • Deliver live and on-demand content with industry-leading reliability
  • Ingest and transcode quickly and consistently with the highest quality
  • Protect your content, streams, and experiences with security features like viewer authentication, stream encryption, and DRM
  • Easily integrate with APIs to deploy as part of your technology stack

Want to attract new audiences, reach, engage, expand and monetize at scale? Turn to Media Studio.

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