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Wherever your customer is on their journey, video moves them forward

Video’s versatility for building a brand, selling products and services, and strengthening customer loyalty is unmatched, because there are so many ways you can use it. Every customer is on a journey, and video quickly moves them toward their destination, whatever it is.

  • Push videos to your social channels to drive awareness and preference
  • Educate and convert prospects with videos on your site and in your apps — with 84% of online shoppers reporting they watched a video prior to making an e-commerce purchase*, this is a surefire revenue generator
  • Turn customers into brand advocates with great product demo videos and live events
  • Keep your customer relationships strong post-purchase with instructional videos and new product announcements

*Video Marketing Statistics: What You Must Know for 2023

Want to add video to your marketing with the same tools you’re already using? Brightcove Marketing Studio is as powerful as it is easy to use.

Video creates connections with customers

If you want to stir people’s emotions, convey authenticity, and build trust in your brand (and what marketer doesn’t), there’s no tool more powerful than video. With video, you do much more than tell your brand story; you build strong bonds with customers and prospects alike.


Connect with your audiences through multiple channels — web, email, social, live streamed events, even your own corporate video channel — with a video-first marketing strategy


Measure the impact of your video marketing and implement insight-based content strategies that drive business growth

Build a brand people can relate to

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. Moving images effortlessly convey the vibe of your brand to let the world know what you’re all about. There is an authenticity to video that helps to create a relationship between you and your audiences.

  • Strengthen your brand across channels with video marketing’s incredible range of always-on content, like culture and lifestyle videos, products demos, customer testimonials and reviews, thought leadership, employee-generated video, and more
  • Build customer loyalty while maintaining ownership and control of your customer data

Is your brand as appealing as it can be — as it has to be to win in a crowded marketplace? Find out How to Use Video to Boost Your Brand Perception.

Integrations add video to the tools you’re already using

The Brightcove streaming platform integrates with your martech stack (including marketing automation, CRM, and social tools and platforms) to make it easy for you to use video to reach audiences wherever they are and whichever device they’re on. You can maximize your teams’ productivity (and your ROI) by bringing video workflows into the tools you’re already using to simplify reporting and publishing across all channels.

  • Add video to landing pages, emails, and social media quickly and easily by integrating with platforms like Hootsuite, Eloqua, and Sitecore
  • Boost your e-commerce revenue with integrations for Shopify, Instagram, and Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Browse the Brightcove Marketplace to see the wide range of capability-extending integrations that we and our partners offer

Ready to take things to the next level? These 4 Advanced Strategies to Boost Your Video Marketing are for you.

Don’t just talk at your customers — engage and involve them with interactivity

Adding interactive features like polls, quizzes, branching, and chapters turns passive viewers into active participants and primes them to receive your sales message.

  • Boost e-commerce marketing with shoppable content and CTAs that let viewers buy directly from your video
  • Encourage customers to act at key points in their journey and gain valuable viewer insights and marketing data in the process
  • Draw viewers in to differentiate your brand and build awareness and loyalty

Want to explore what makes interactivity such an effective sales tool? Don’t miss Interactive is the Future of E-Commerce Video.

Insights let you influence and guide the customer journey

The data streaming video generates tells you so much about your customer and where they are on their journey. And when you know where they are, you’re better positioned to get them where you want them to be: ready to buy your product.


Know who’s viewing your content, what they’re watching, and how long they’re watching it for, in addition to what other content they’ve viewed and where they viewed it


Use these insights to refine your content and to drive better lead scoring, personal identification, nurturing, and personalized follow up


Quantify video marketing’s contribution to lead gen, pipeline, and revenue


Support sales teams with insights on what’s important to the buyer — and what isn’t

Trust your brand to the world’s most trusted streaming technology

There are many reasons why some of the world’s greatest brands trust Brightcove with their marketing video. Here are some of the most important: The Brightcove streaming platform lets you deliver beautiful live and on-demand video to every channel and on any device.

  • Our technological innovations have won two Technology and Engineering Emmy® Awards
  • Advanced security controls ensure the only people who can view your video are the ones you want to view your video
  • We’re with you every moment of every day with 24/7/365 global support

Streaming platforms all have different strengths, features, and track records. When evaluating them, it’s essential to choose one suited to your specific needs and objectives.

To help with your selection, here are 7 Ways the Right Streaming Platform Can Accelerate Video Marketing Performance.


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