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Communications Studio

Engage and unite your audiences around the globe.

Brightcove Communications Studio is for marketers and corporate communications professionals who need to deliver information in an engaging, secure, and scalable manner through live and on-demand video content. With Brightcove Communications Studio, you can be sure your message will get through to the audience you want to engage with it.


Secure and scalable live content streamed on a trusted platform

When you’re incorporating live video into your communications strategy, you want your solution to be easy to use, reliable, and flexible. That's why Brightcove Communications Studio is built on our Video Cloud streaming platform – so you can focus on your comms programs, and let Brightcove Communications Studio focus on securely delivering your messages to audiences around the globe.

  • Distinct live event templates in Gallery to provide a seamless streaming experience for audiences
  • Scale to reach up to millions of concurrent viewers around the world
  • Onboarding and support so you’re always covered
  • Verify the identity of video viewers and allow them to easily login and engage with video content via SSO
  • Support enforcement of geographic, IP, domain and playback restrictions
  • Rest easy with 24/7 live streaming support from a dedicated team
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Content on demand when and where audiences need it

For your communications to break through, your audience has to be engaged. In addition to an array of attention-grabbing interactive features native to Video Cloud, Communication Studio also includes robust features that deliver video content where and when audiences need it so it can have the most impact.

  • Leverage live-to-VOD capabilities to give new life to live streams
  • Clip to social to extend the reach of video content
  • Add interactivity to facilitate engagement
  • Create discoverable video libraries in Gallery
  • Make videos more accessible and localized with auto-captioning
  • Support employee-generated content with Google Drive and Dropbox watch folder integrations
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Measure impact and iterate

It’s one thing to stream your content; it’s another to be able to understand how it’s performing and to evolve your strategy accordingly. Brightcove Communications Studio has a variety of analytics and insights capabilities so you can take the guesswork out of reaching your audiences and your business goals.

  • Video Cloud Analytics - Metrics include performance reporting, engagement reporting, trending now, and custom reporting
  • Essential Insights - Go beyond standard video analytics to understand usage and content trends
  • Track interactive engagement - Interactive elements like polls, quizzes, sentiment, and more give you feedback on what’s resonating
  • Quality of experience (QoE) metrics - Insights in areas key to viewer retention and engagement
  • Audience Sync - Connect user data on streaming content viewing with internal systems to better move key audiences along the journey with your company
For a look at what makes video for internal communications so effective, read Boost Your Employee Engagement.

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