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Data Drives Results

… and Revenue

We make it easy to get relevant and accurate insights that pinpoint exactly what is driving success across your streaming service.

Brightcove seamlessly integrates a broad suite of audience, content performance, quality of experience, and advertising analytics delivering comprehensive end-to-end actionable insights.

Highlight critical factors that drive audience engagement

Audience engagement, content performance, and subscriber insights

Grow audience lifetime value with Brightcove’s Audience Insights platform, designed to ingest, harmonize, visualize, and export valuable insights.

  • Acquire: use data exports for ideal lookalike campaigns based on lifetime value in Google, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Convert: understand what’s driving trial registrations and proactively reach stalled trialists with targeted marketing
  • Engage and save: our unique engagement model identifies key audience cohorts to engage new viewers and reach idle audiences that may be drifting away from your service
  • Win back subscribers: Understanding a video’s attention index, net rating, and release performance are keys to better promotion, including reconnecting with lost customers by sharing compelling content you know they will enjoy
  • Pre-built and custom integration options for many popular sources and target export destinations, such as payment management systems and marketing automation platforms

Leveraging Insights to Drive Revenue: Best Practices outlined here.

Audience Insight flow chart.
QoE Insights information on an iPad.

Deliver a great streaming experience your viewers will love with quality of experience insights

QoE Insights correlates stream quality issues, errors, and playback performance with critical audience engagement metrics.

  • An easily understood QoE score clearly highlights quality trends in your viewer experience, including how it has changed over time
  • Optimize streaming delivery with key QoE metrics: error rates, time to playback, stalls, and upscaling video resolution
  • Dig into performance issues across dimensions such as regions, devices, players, and more
  • Verify any changes to your players, apps, and streams for performance improvements or impacts

Find out more about Media Studio with integrated QOE Insights.

Achieve ad placements that balance maximum value and viewer engagement with Brightcove Ad Insights

How many ads and ad pods will your audience tolerate? When should they run? AVOD success depends on accurate answers.

  • Correlate the impacts of ad pod frequency and duration on your audience attention index and other key engagement metrics
  • Measure audience tolerance to changing ad intensity across different devices, platforms, and content types
  • Identify how ad performance and audience engagement have changed over time, with intuitive dashboards that present historical details against milestone events

Want to launch an ad-supported experience but not sure where to begin? Start here: Brightcove’s Ad Monetization Service.

Ad Insights information on a laptop.


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Comprehensive 1st-party data analytics and actionable insights

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Extend visibility and correlate impacts with integrated 3rd-party data sources in Brightcove Audience Insights

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Intuitive dashboards that cut through the noise to highlight what’s important

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Automate data exports such as audience segmentation reports directly into marketing automation systems and other 3rd-party platforms

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Consolidated reporting across QoE, advertising, engagement, content, subscription, and channel KPIs and more

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