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Live and on demand, Brightcove CorpTV is a powerful new way to connect with customers, prospects, partners, employees, investors… the world.

Think—and act—like a media company

It’s a whole new way to deliver marketing video, product announcements, live events, internal comms, training programs, and all your other live and on-demand content directly to your audiences on whichever device they prefer.

Build relationships. Build pipeline.

Put all your corporate video in one place and deliver it to your audiences like a premium streaming platform. You can specify which audience gets to see which content, so it’s an ideal solution for engaging customers, prospects, and partners with live and on-demand video that’s available any time, on any device. And in-depth viewer insights reveal what you need to know to create highly targeted marketing interactions.
For a closer look at the kind of experience you can create with CorpTV, check out PLAY TV, Brightcove’s very own streaming channel.

Make events more accessible for your audiences

Use CorpTV to extend the traction of your live content. When you host a virtual event, make recorded sessions available on demand for attendees to watch anytime, on whichever device they prefer. That means a bigger audience for you, a longer life for your event, and more convenience for your attendees. In other words—in other letters, actually—better ROI.
Virtual events generate a lot of great content. Make it all available on CorpTV.
Want to know more about engaging your audiences with CorpTV?
Download our in-depth guide, Ushering In a New Era In Business Video.

Employee communications that actually communicate.

With today’s fully and partially remote workforces, employee engagement is more vital than ever. The solution? Create an internal company-branded streaming service that can host both live event offerings and on-demand videos to keep everyone united and on the same page—everything from all-hands meetings to series that promote diversity or health and wellness. Binge-worthy employee communications? Believe it.
As versatile as it is engaging, video is the best way to connect with your employees from their very first day.

Training that’s consistent. And consistently effective.

With CorpTV, you can create a training program that works. Video ensures that everyone is being taught the same way, and it scales easily to train workers all over the world. Employees and partners can stream sessions whenever and wherever they like, whether that’s at home on the big screen or on a mobile device during their commute, and they can get a refresher any time just by pressing play.
These 7 tips will teach you how to make training video that works as hard as it can.

Here’s what one customer has to say.

“From a technical point of view, Brightcove was the only platform we could have used to help us realize our vision, but it was more than having software in place—Brightcove really felt like an extension of our team.”
Teresa Pappas
SXSW Senior Innovation Project Manager
For a closer look at the kind of experience you can create with CorpTV, check out PLAY TV, Brightcove’s very own streaming channel.

Features and benefits

A polished, pro-level streaming experience.

Engage audiences like never before with carousel views, recommendations, search, and all your video content available for viewing anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

One platform for all your audiences.

CorpTV’s role-based access lets you create video collections specifically for each audience, whether internal, external, customer, shareholder, franchisee, etc.

What’s getting binged? What’s getting bypassed?

Viewer data and video performance give you in-depth insights to keep engagement rates high. And seamless integration with your marketing automation system provides powerful personalized follow-up.

Easier video management.

Access and publish content quickly, cost-effectively, and securely. Scale effortlessly. CorpTV is a single-vendor solution that simplifies your entire backend.

Increase visibility and life of live events.

Alongside Brightcove’s Virtual Event’s solution, CorpTV provides an always-on, video on demand streaming experience that supports live streaming.

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