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Are you a former HapYak customer and managing your migration to our new Native Video Cloud interactivity module?

Visit our support documentation to guide you through the process.

Engage audiences on a deeper level

Native Video Cloud Interactivity features turn viewers from passive watchers into active participants for deeper engagement and stronger connections. Our suite of customizable options makes it easy to add polls, quizzes, shopping carts, personalization, chapters, links, and more to your video. You’ll gain more conversions when you take your viewers from leaning back to leaning in.
Want to boost your video engagement with interactivity? Start by downloading our datasheet.

Customize one video or thousands quickly and easily

You can add branded interactive features to your videos at scale in just a few clicks with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools. With Brightcove Interactivity, it’s simple to make a big impact on your business — no IT skills required.
Learn more about video interactivity — here’s a great introduction.

Drive ROI with personalization

Supercharge your video strategies with features that provide personalized experiences and encourage direct engagement

  • Add branded interactive features with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools
  • Calls-to-action and forms boost lead generation
  • Shoppable e-commerce videos inspire conversions
Learn how interactivity is the future of e-commerce video.

Engage your live audiences, too

Brightcove Live Interactivity lets teams easily deliver interactive experiences to increase live audience engagement.

  • Live chat keeps audiences connected throughout an event
  • Mobile web-first interactive player overlays can be styled to fit any brand
  • Easy-to-manage console adds product information to a live stream
See what’s possible in real time — download our Live Interactivity datasheet.

Play an active role in achieving your goals

Learn how various interactive features can impact your strategy.


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