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Brightcove Player 7 is the pinnacle of



Our powerful HTML5 player

Brightcove Player 7 continues our record of developing, maintaining, and supporting a world-class video player that delivers beautiful playback, effective monetization, and efficiency, all built on top of the latest version of the hugely popular open-source video player — video.js 8.


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Quality streaming on a global scale

Whether you’re delivering video or watching it, Brightcove Player 7 assures a great experience.

  • Cross-platform HLS – Deliver the best quality with the least download with high-quality, adaptive bitrate video even on platforms that don’t have native HLS capability.
  • Easy player management – Keep track of player configurations and make changes to styles and plugins either through Video Cloud or the Player Management API. Easily update players across your site without changing the code for each page.

Streaming platforms are only as good as their video players. Find out what makes a great one.

Developer friendly

Want to make your dev team happy? Set them loose on our HTML5 player.

  • Easy customization – Customize nearly every detail of the player libraries and CSS using standard web technologies (CSS and JavaScript)
  • Built on Video.js – With a plugin architecture and a library of open-source and partner-built plugins, the sky’s the limit

Everything you want to know about Brightcove Player 7 is right here in our support documentation.
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Viewers love it too

Audiences expect a lot from a video player. Exceed their expectations with Brightcove Player 7.

  • Incredibly fast loading – With an extremely fast time to first frame, viewers immediately engage with your content
  • Centralized control – Have dozens of player configurations at your fingertips
  • Effortless scalability – Enjoy global hosting and CDN delivery
  • Super responsive – Automatically resizes to fit changing web layouts while maintaining the aspect ratio of the video

Find out why Brightcove was named a leader in the Aragon Research Globe™ for Enterprise Video 2023 Report.
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Wide variety of integrations

It’s easy to add a huge array of powerful capabilities to Player 7.

  • Ecosystem of plugins and integrations – including ones for 3rd party advertising and analytics
  • App extensibility – APIs make it easy to integrate multiple components and to customize player behavior based on an app’s requirements
  • CMS integrations – Easily retrieve videos from any CMS, including Brightcove Video Cloud, using open APIs
  • Analytics integrations – Extensive playback events and built-in plugins enable easy integration with leading analytics and QoS platforms
  • Advertising integrations – Support for interactive, pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, companions, and overlays, as well as server side ad insertion via Brightcove SSAI plus direct integration with multiple ad servers and networks through plugins

Explore these integrations and many more in the Brightcove Marketplace.
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Making video accessible to everyone

Accessibility was a top priority when we were developing this player.

  • Complies with WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility guidelines – we worked with a third-party accessibility vendor to make sure

Accessibility isn’t just good for viewers; it’s good for businesses too.


Built on Video.JS 8

The technological foundations of the player continually evolve, and Player 7 uses the very latest version of the most popular open-source player on the web.

Written in HTML5

The UI of the Brightcove Player is written entirely in HTML5 for a consistent look and user experience across mobile and desktop devices.

APIs and SDKs

We have APIs for player configuration and publishing with the most-up-to-date marketplace and native Android and iOS iterations.


Player 7 uses a powerful and full-featured open-source playback engine that supports HLS and DASH.


Be certain your content (and your money) are producing impactful engagements.

ABR algorithms

Reduce bandwidth usage while improving overall video quality — ABR algorithms do both.

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