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Make your marketing funnel work harder from top to bottom.

Streaming video is the most compelling and powerful way to achieve all your marketing goals. Want to capture the attention of customers and prospects at every stage of the purchase journey? There’s no better way to do it than with streaming — in fact, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than ones who don’t. Whether you’re new to video marketing or you’re already seeing good results with it, Brightcove Marketing Studio will help you use it more effectively for better outcomes.

  • Distribute your content widely and create data-driven marketing strategies to accelerate growth
  • Use video-focused brand awareness campaigns, branded content, product demos, and more to increase leads and improve outcomes
  • Incorporate interactive features to deepen engagement and gauge purchase intent

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Streamline your streaming workflows.

Brightcove Marketing Studio makes it easy for every marketing role to get the most out of streaming. With an intuitive user interface, everyone from inexperienced to advanced users can incorporate video into whichever channel they’re responsible for.

  • Get your messages to your audiences faster with intuitive workflows that encourage more video use across marketing teams
  • Scale across channels and platforms with key integrations that extend the power of video
  • Easily centralize and manage your content to keep it organized, searchable, and accessible to everyone who needs it

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Your customers are on social media, so you need to be too.

For marketers, it’s essential to be able to reach your audience where they already spend their time. With Brightcove Marketing Studio, it’s easy to deliver video to the most popular social media platforms.

  • Amplify your social media marketing with our Hootsuite integration that pulls videos directly from Marketing Studio
  • Publish directly to social channels yourself with just a few clicks
  • Expand the reach of your streaming content to increase brand awareness, loyalty, and engagement

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Create more impact with less effort

Brightcove Marketing Studio features integrations with all the leading martech platforms that let you extend the value of your existing tech investments and continue to work within the tools you use every day.

  • Expand and extend the power of video with native and partner integrations for a seamless experience
  • Track streaming video’s impact on pipeline and sales through integrations with key marketing automation, DAM, and CRM platforms
  • View aggregated performance data to make better decisions and improve marketing effectiveness
  • Leverage ecommerce integrations to increase conversions and support the buyer journey
  • Build targeted audience segments using video engagement data to activate nurture campaigns and fuel business development workflows

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See deeper with insightful analytics

Go beyond surface-level analytics with our exclusive advanced tools, such as engagement scores to measure and analyze video performance across customer channels and segments. The insights you get from Brightcove Marketing Studio help you make better video marketing decisions.

  • Compare how assets perform within and across teams and regions with roll-up analytics
  • See how an asset’s performance stacks up against the industry average with benchmark scoring
  • Measure, monitor, and analyze how changes made to publishing workflows and playback environments impact the viewer experience with integrated 1st-party QoE analytics.
  • Demonstrate marketing’s contribution to pipeline and sales to your entire organization

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Give your campaigns more impact

Use video engagement data to build targeted audience segments for nurture campaigns that fuel business development workflows.

  • Sync with MAPs and CRMs to drive pipeline. Integrate seamlessly with the tools you use every day to manage your relationships and marketing efforts
  • Supported integrations include Blueshift, Braze, HubSpot, Sailthru, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Segment Node.JS, S3, and Custom S3
  • Strengthen audience targeting and engagement. Leverage video engagement data to create well-defined audience groups
  • Automate workflows for greater efficiencies. Automatically add segment tags to user records that are synchronized with marketing systems for campaigns that are effortlessly efficient

Solving for Personalization and Privacy With Video Streaming

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Scale your brand with technology you can trust

With award-winning technology (including two Technology and Engineering Emmy™ Awards), 24/7/365 support anywhere in the world, advanced security controls, and industry-leading 99.9% uptime, you can trust Brightcove to deliver a streaming experience for your customers that will deliver big results for your business.

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Streaming video can tell your brand story more powerfully and effectively than any other medium. From building pipeline to driving revenue, video reaches its full potential with Brightcove Marketing Studio.


Here are just a few of the great enterprise brands we've worked with.

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What can an accounting software maker like Xero show with video? Most of all, results.

You don’t need a product you can show to get great results with video. Just ask Xero – when this accounting software company wanted to boost customer retention, they turned to video.

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