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A New Way To Crush Your Sales And Marketing Goals With Video

Introducing Brightcove Marketing Studio™️. More collaboration. More engagement. More leads. More insights. And way less effort.

Get more from your video investment

Brightcove Marketing Studio is a new video communications solution that makes it easy for your entire marketing team to access, implement, and measure video content across all kinds of programs, from brand to demand generation and customer retention. With unique and intuitive user workspaces tailored to each marketing function, Brightcove Marketing Studio lets you make more powerful connections and deliver your content to more engaged audiences – which adds up to more revenue.


Connected tools get more work done

Forget disconnected tools and the complexities of having to switch platforms to do whatever you're trying to accomplish. Brightcove Marketing Studio integrates with your existing technology, such as CRM and marketing automation platforms, key social management tools, and e-commerce platforms; it also integrates directly with popular social media channels. So you can get a lot more done with a lot less time and effort.

Marketing Studio Connected Tools Get More Work Done

Don’t guess what’s working – know

Know exactly which videos are working best for each of your important audience segments with detailed performance insights. Brightcove Marketing Studio provides centrally aggregated data through built-in, easy-to-understand dashboards that can be integrated into your analytics and BI tools. That makes it easy to optimize campaigns and inform sales follow up.

Marketing Studio Don't Wonder What's Working - Know


Explore how marketers are realigning their digital strategies with video to create better experiences for buyers.

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Brightcove Marketing Studio makes it easy to:

Learn how you can get more return on your investment with video, how Brightcove can bring video to the tools your teams already use, and how easy it can be to incorporate video into your marketing strategy.

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