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Lexie Knauer

By Lexie Knauer

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Brightcove

Forrester Report: The ROI of Brightcove for Media Companies


For media companies, so much is riding on your choice of video platform. And while making a decision this impactful, you can already hear the questions: Will it be worth the expense? How will it help? What kind of return can we expect on this investment?

These can be difficult questions to answer because there are so many factors to consider. So we commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore them. Their findings are contained in "The Total Economic Impact of Brightcove on Media Organizations" – download it here.

What they discovered

The big takeaway? Forrester found that media companies can realize a 226% ROI over three years with Brightcove.

Breaking things down a little, media organizations experience many benefits while using the Brightcove platform. You can:

  • Attract a 15-20% larger audience due to the ability to quickly deliver content to new markets and devices.
  • Spend 80% less time migrating content thanks to the ability to quickly transcode massive amounts of video.
  • Dedicate 83% less time to manual content management because of an easy-to-use interface and better overall UX.
  • See 75% fewer compliance problems due to built-in security features that significantly reduce the risk of SLA violations and the fines that result.
  • Gain 50% of employees’ time back from the ability to process videos from any vendor without quality loss or outages.
  • Increase customer lifetime value as a result of a better overall viewer experience.

Media organizations operate in fast-moving and ever-changing environments. They require all parts of their organizations to provide high-quality content at a moment’s notice. As media organizations continue to expand digital video offerings globally, the need for video quality, speed to market, and platform flexibility becomes even more critical. – "The Total Economic Impact of Brightcove on Media Organizations," a Forrester study commissioned by Brightcove

For media companies, it’s essential to get video right

Any organization that depends on delivering flawless video must understand the distinction between a platform built for serious business and one that is built for… much less. Learn what you need to know in "The Total Economic Impact of Brightcove on Media Organizations" – you can download it here.

Give your employees and your audience an experience they’ll both love. Because there’s video… and there’s Brightcove video.