Introducing Brightcove Ad Monetization

Features & Updates

Brightcove’s customers have more opportunities than ever to monetize their content. They can sell subscriptions and rentals, offer influencer campaigns and sponsorships, or generate revenue through video advertising. But tapping into the $210B video ad opportunity has become far too complicated for many of our customers. As we analyzed the billions of video views we manage every month, we found suboptimal data configurations, unfilled ad avails, and CPMs we believe should be better. Between the ad servers, SSPs, DSPs, data clean rooms, header-bidding configs, and a myriad of other system connections, it’s easy to see how the entropy crept in.

It’s against this backdrop that we are announcing the Brightcove Ad Monetization service: an end-to-end AVOD solution designed for media companies to stay competitive, earn more money, and grow their businesses. This unique video ad marketplace is supported by our strategic partnership with Magnite, helping Brightcove customers maximize the opportunities that video advertising holds.

What to Expect from Brightcove’s Ad Monetization Service

Unlike other video ad marketplaces, Brightcove’s Ad Monetization service is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to offer your inventory to advertisers.

Brightcove Media Studio customers will receive full white glove service from the start, with an onboarding experience that we’ve designed to be effective yet efficient. While the technology that fuels the video ad service can be complex, we’ll handle the advanced setup, integrations with the direct ad servers, and configuration for filling remnant inventory.

Once you’re live on the platform, our in-house industry experts will help you make the best decisions to grow your business. That includes working with you directly to fill ad spots or digging into your data to maximize your CPMs.

Perhaps best of all, the nature of Brightcove’s customer base creates a superior platform for monetization to help you truly maximize your earnings. Our robust network of brand-safe clients with their high quality content is aggregated into one ecosystem, providing more opportunities for ad placement and attracting premium advertisers. In other words, Brightcove offers much more than traditional ad marketplaces.

There are several key elements to Brightcove’s Ad Monetization service.

  • Ad server. We have chosen SpringServe as our ad server for this service. This includes ad policy management, data and ad routing throughout the ecosystem, and analytics to help manage and optimize the campaign.
  • SSP access. Magnite is our first SSP partner. We’re working with them closely to ensure Magnite’s direct ad sales team and integrated demand-side platforms place a premium value on our clients’ inventory.
  • Ad insertion. Server-side ad insertion (SSAI) creates a seamless user experience with smooth transitions from content to ads and back again. This high-quality ad insertion process provides an effective way for media owners to monetize long-form content without interrupting the viewing experience. Client-side ad insertion (CSAI) gives publishers more flexibility and control of the type of ad experience they offer, including companions, overlays, and sponsorships.
  • Consultation. Our Ad Ops team is committed to supporting our clients and maximizing ad revenue. With decades of experience, they can optimize your data and policies to increase fill rates and return better CPMs.
  • Built on Video Cloud. Our monetization solution is built with the scale, security, and support you can expect from Brightcove. This includes Brightcove Player V7, allowing publishers to offer a variety of video ad strategies and built-in viewability support.

The Brightcove Ad Monetization service is our first standalone advertising offering, allowing our customers to stay competitive, earn more money, and grow their businesses. As an end-to-end AVOD solution, we are positioned to support our customers’ ad strategies from onboarding to optimization. Contact your account manager to learn more.

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