Intelligent Growth: Crafting 1:1 Conversations with Video

Intelligent Growth: Crafting 1:1 Conversations with Video

The Brightcove team is on the road again, this time joining over 2,500 sales, marketing, and product professionals for four days of data-driven sessions, analyst research, and B2B innovations at the 11th annual SiriusDecisions Summit. We’re here at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Music City, and proud to be a Gold Sponsor of this year’s event! The theme of Summit is “The Art and Science of Intelligent Growth,” and promises to help B2B organizations operationalize growth strategies to align with business goals.

Here at Brightcove, we’re focused on enabling marketers to create more effective communication with prospects and customers utilizing the emotional connection and deep analytics of online video. Today, at the SiriusDecisions Summit, Matt Childs, Director of Sales, North America will present our case study.

Title: Digital 1:1 Conversations With Video: Marketing Automation, Interactivity, and Personalization

Speaker: Matt Childs, Director of Digital Marketing Sales, North America

Date & Time: Tuesday, May 24 at 10:45 am

Room: Ryman Studio FG

Can’t make it? Read below to better understand what it means to craft a digital 1:1 conversation with your prospects and customers using interactive video, marketing automation, and personalization.

The Essential Elements of a Digital 1:1 Conversation

Effective 1:1 conversations are vital to marketers building relationships before contact is established with sales. According to SiriusDecisions, 67% of the buyer’s journey is done via digital channels. After all, these are the ways in which buyers research and communicate with brands now. Marketers with well-planned strategies and keen insights help bridge the gap.

How can video aid in your success? While a powerful lead generator alone, video, when paired with marketing automation and other tools can work with other marketing tools to provide even more robust data for marketers.

The essential elements for a digital 1:1 conversation are:

  1. Interactive Video
  2. Marketing Automation
  3. Content Personalization

Interactive Video Aides Audience Identification

Interactive video elements respect the user experience, placing the viewer in control. But we're going beyond simple video links: chapterization, branching, hotspots, polls, and quizzes are some of the most popular interactive video elements.

Check out the interactive video below which we created to solicit in-person meetings at Oracle's Modern Marketing Experience where appointments could be scheduled in-video.



The promotions in the video are no longer valid.

Once interactivity is added to videos, the conversation can start. What’s your name? What do you do? Interactive video can slowly feed you more information on your prospect. Or if you’ve already identified this prospect, video interactivity can supplement the identity work you’ve established through your marketing automation platform. What are your interests? Why do you care about it? These additional data points provide a more defined picture of each individual prospect. Now, let’s get ready to finesse the conversation.


How Video Content Integrates with Marketing Automation

Depending on the business, a prospect's interests may vary. Luckily, interactivity allows you to expand the scope a single video, anticipating and reacting to different audience needs. In fact,  60% of interactive video users believe their content engages well or very well. These additional video data points allow you to segment leads and customers into lists based on criteria you deem important. After learning a prospect’s interest, test it through your email marketing automation. Which content will address this need? Whether tackling a knowledge gap, supplying competitive information or pushing niche content that addresses the recipient's problem, we’re sure you’ll make a great impression. 

Personalized Content for Stronger Audience Engagement

Once rapport is established in any informal relationship, the conversation becomes easier. And yet, these chats typically center around certain subjects. The same is true when building this conversation through marketing technology. Now that you’ve reignited interest and brought them back to the website, how will you demonstrate this understanding?

In content marketing, knowing the wants and needs of your audience is paramount. There are two reasons for this. First, we desire to create content assets that will pull in interested parties during the awareness and engagement stages. Second, we want to resonate with our audiences. Respecting the user experience builds brand affinity and loyalty quicker.

Personalized content achieves this aim. A superior content experience can be curated video playlists, customized web experiences, suggested blogs or completely personalized content hubs. Of course, personalized content isn’t exclusive to video, but all content mediums. And it certainly isn’t just a field merge (think: Hello, NAME!) used to stitch the recipient’s name into a video.  After all, you've already introduced yourself and spent all this time talking. It seems a little silly to push familiarity again, doesn’t it?  

Technology has enabled us as marketers to push our campaigns to new heights, but we at Brightcove hope this means marketers do so in a way that enables authentic digital conversations which, in turn, shorten lead time and grow sales pipeline. This is our definition of intelligent growth. So, if you’re here in Nashville this week, we’d love to have a real 1:1 conversation with you at Booth 142 about your opportunities for growth. Or catch us out and about at the Summit’s Green Tie Gala and Titanium Celebration. Speak with an online video expert today; we would love to get to know you better.