Connecting Video Analytics with Marketing Automation Systems


Video analytics are powerful: they enable you to understand how your content is resonating with your audience by providing insight into how much of a video is being watched, what messages are being seen, and how engaging the content is. Now, what if you could take that data and break it out by individual viewers with your marketing automation platform to track individual viewership, how engaged those viewers are, and the ROI of each video campaign? With Brightcove Audience, you can!

Audience, a component of Brightcove Video Marketing Suite, connects video analytics directly into Oracle Eloqua and Marketo marketing automation platforms to:

  • Use video for lead capture, scoring and segmentation
  • Capture deep video analytics
  • Integrate video in the marketing workflow
  • Improve video ROI tracking

In just three clicks, Audience allows marketers to log into their Oracle Eloqua or Marketo account directly from Brightcove Video Marketing Suite, track video engagement data from Brightcove players, and begin sending data to their marketing automation platform.

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