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Video Accelerates

Employee Onboarding

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Businesses need new employees to become productive as quickly as possible. But, new hires need time to understand their new role and ways of working. The sooner your onboarding process helps new employees integrate into the company and feel comfortable, the faster they can start contributing.

A video platform can substantially accelerate the ramp-up of new hires. Video enables 24/7 access to engaging, consistent, and scalable on-boarding materials, without the expense of in-person training. Enable new hires to quickly access the information, knowledge, and tools they need, while also reducing the people ops team’s investment in time, resources, and manpower.

bar chart shows how video engages employees

Video platforms like Brightcove make onboarding content management painless and help busy people ops teams capture and retain new employees' focus during the all-important first weeks.

chart that shows how different types of video increase a person's confidence in their employment decision

1. Introduce leadership

and Best Practices

Make your new employees feel like they belong right from the start. Help them integrate into the company, establish relationships, and start contributing effectively (and quickly).

Enable them to feel connected to the leaders and the broader context of their work. Share best practices to aid their learning and accelerate productivity.

Also, show them how - and from whom - to get support and guidance in different situations.

Key tactics for success

Get to know the leaders

Enterprise employees can spend months (or years) in an organization without meeting the CEO and executive leadership. Connect new hires to the company’s vision, mission, and priorities with video messages from the CEO and other leaders in the first weeks of their employment.

This increases their sense of belonging and can result in improved retention and productivity. 78% of organizations that invested in onboarding reported revenue increases.

computer screen with person with a tie on on video

Create a video message featuring the CEO and the leadership team.

desktop screen with two profiles of people

Replace boring conference calls with interactive videos to introduce new hires.

two speech bubbles

Open lines of communication with different leaders and teams.

Make vital information discoverable

23% of new hires who quit in the first six months attribute their departure to a lack of clear guidelines on responsibilities. Make directions and updates about roles, responsibilities, best practices, and compliance requirements easy to access.

Use a video platform to curate important content and create a "video destination" that new hires can search and access based on their interest and needs. Training videos, customer stories, employee handbook, benefits information, IT, and log-in info should all find a place in your onboarding gallery.

Video works particularly well for mundane content such as IT alerts, cybersecurity awareness, HR policies, organizational briefings, and employee bulletins to make it more engaging and entertaining.

computer screen with outline of person on live video

Replace emails with live and on-demand videos for important updates to increase attention, comprehension, and compliance with vital information.

2. Engaging Training

A good video can convey complex information quickly and clearly, making it easy to understand and remember. But, even the best content becomes ineffective if people can't find what they need. Make it easy for new hires to find and digest information relevant to their roles and learning needs. Create a centralized hub for videos with accessible content, including transcripts and language translations, so employees can find what they need easily and your communications teams can track the performance.

Interactive videos that include features like quizzes, clickable areas, and branching scenarios actively involve the learners and keep their interest focused.

Key tactics for success

Deliver a standardized onboarding experience

88% of organizations don’t onboard well. The biggest challenge is achieving consistency, which is often compromised by competing priorities, human variability, or time and resource constraints. Inconsistency can leave new hires feeling confused, frustrated, unprepared, or unsupported, delaying their contribution to the organization's success.

Video creates an opportunity to deliver more standardized onboarding experiences, facilitate greater satisfaction in the new hire process, and ultimately streamline training and improve productivity.

stack of video play screens

Build video libraries for consistent, accessible training.

security lock

Implement Playback Restrictions for content control.

finger pointing to sign in button

Authenticate users with a single sign-on feature to ensure the right people are getting the right information.

play button with rounded lines extended from sides

Encourage live streaming for real-time networking, interaction, and standardization.

Focus on early engagement

Let your new employees learn at their own pace by allowing them to click back and review material or check their understanding of concepts. Interactive videos provide an engaging experience and make information more sticky.

You can also get more feedback when you incorporate elements like quizzes or decision-making scenarios. This lets employees quickly review their learning and correct their misunderstandings - it reinforces correct information, making for an effective learning experience.

desktop with a gear on screen

Record guided software training and product demos with chapters and knowledge checks.

computer with a text and a hand pressing a button screen

Incorporate call-to-action overlays to direct people to additional resources at opportune moments in the video content.

checkbox for a quiz on a video screen

Embed quizzes and polls within videos to gauge employee progress.

video screen next to a piece of paper with writing on it

Enable side-by-side viewing of video and related PDFs.

Optimize the new hire experience with data

Use data to improve your onboarding, training, and messaging. Identify patterns and trends in your onboarding data to make evidence-based improvements and predict potential obstacles or challenges new hires encounter.

video play screen with bar charts and increase arrow showing above it

Export viewer engagement data to third party learning management systems or an HRIS to improve insights across your tech stack.

How Brightcove can help

Brightcove is a reliable, scalable, and secure platform for enterprise video

See how it can help you create an engaging onboarding experience for new hires.

  • Interactivity: quizzes and polls, slide sync, clickable hotspots
  • Analytics/Insights: interactivity data, export viewer data to 3rd party systems, video cloud analytics, engagement insights, Audience Sync
  • Accessibility: auto captioning, transcriptions

  • Integrations: Sharepoint to embed content or Zoom for broadcasting Zoom meetings easily with Brightcove Live
  • Security: SSO and Brightcove Playback Restrictions


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