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Video strengthens

The Employee Lifecycle


Every business needs engaged employees.

Engaged employees tend to be more focused, motivated, and committed to their work, leading to better productivity, improved profitability, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased retention rates.

To be engaged, employees need good communication. Communication that aligns expectations, reduces complexities, and helps teams, managers, and leaders work well together. Getting this right throughout the employee lifecycle is essential to engaging top talent, enabling them to be more productive, and enhancing business outcomes.

Chart showing increased employee engagement boosts profitability by 21% on video solution background.

However, it’s easier said than done. Especially as hybrid working becomes more common, and companies are challenged to deliver a consistent yet personalized experience to remote teams and in-office workers alike.

What internal communicators and people ops professionals need is a better way to create memorable employee experiences. To capture and communicate the “moments that matter” - getting integrated into the company, building community, and upskilling themselves continuously. In short: becoming part of their company's story and contributing to its success.

Enter a video-led communications strategy.

Video is powerful. It focuses attention, engages people, and enables a rich learning experience.

Done right, video communications help people ops and internal communications teams achieve better outcomes:

Stat on a computer screen graphic showing 83% of employees want their organization to use more video

That’s why companies are investing more and more in video content; and sourcing more of it from their internal teams. Yet all that content is challenging to manage without the right tools.

This is where modern video platforms (such as Brightcove) come in. We make it quick and easy to manage content - be it creation, storage, distribution, or optimization. And, we enable internal communicators to deliver information in an engaging, measurable, secure, and scalable manner - live as well as on-demand.

What you will get out of this guide

This guide will help you fully understand the power of video for internal communication. It includes actionable ideas to strengthen employee communications across the employee lifecycle, be it recruiting, onboarding, managing performance, or upskilling and professional development.

Explore chapters:

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Video Boosts Talent Acquisition

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Video Drives Employee Onboarding

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Video Elevates Employee Engagement

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Video Fuels Professional Development


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