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Video Elevates


Graphic has a computer with a video play screen on it with connections to multiple people to talk about the role of video facilitating connections and employee engagement

Build (video) bridges.

Engagement has a ripple effect. The more engaged your employees, the better your business outcomes - increased productivity, reduced attrition, a strong employer brand, and sustained business growth.

Embed video as a lynchpin in the communications and collaboration culture of your organization to boost employee engagement.

Video is a great, but often overlooked, way to connect employees with your company’s purpose, the leadership, and each other. It humanizes interactions, especially in digital, remote-friendly, and global workplaces. Being able to see the expressions and body language, and hear the excitement in the voices of coworkers, managers, and leaders creates a personal, emotional, and lasting connection.

Graphic shows data around how only 32% of employees are engaged at work, with 18% actively disengaged

Embrace a video-led employee engagement strategy to:

graphic shows the benefits of higher employee engagement such as less turnover and less absenteeism

1. Bring everyone together

Great things happen when you bring people together - be it collaboration, learning, problem-solving, or innovation.

Build bridges through video that allow ideas, knowledge, learning, and updates to travel freely across the entire organization. Be it large-scale virtual events (like employee gatherings), smaller interest/ initiative-based groups (task force teams, hobby club), or individual on-demand learning, video makes it better.

Leaders at every level - from the CEO to first-line managers - can improve their influence and impact with timely and transparent internal communications. Employees can share their knowledge, discuss new ideas, and work together more effectively.

Key tactics for success

Level up culture with live streaming

Zoom fatigue is real. Leveling up the experience for more important moments like a town hall, a quarterly CEO update is critically important. But, it’s not easy. Amongst businesses that use live video in the workplace, 41% said streaming to remote employees was their biggest challenge.

Live streaming sustains high engagement levels, especially in large global organizations where personal interaction can be challenging​. It also reduces the need for in-person gatherings, saving on travel and logistics costs.

three rows of people

Company-wide meetings and organizational events are ideal for live streaming to deliver consistent information and see speakers directly to form more of a connection.

speech bubbles with arrows interconnecting them

Enable features like live chat, polls, and comments, allowing employees to engage with the presenter and each other.

video screen with megaphone

Live stream updates in a crisis to ensure all employees receive accurate and timely communications.

Give life to live content with on-demand video

Extend the life and impact of previously-live video by converting it into on-demand content. This multiplies its ROI while also letting employees learn and align with the company’s goals, standards, and efforts at their own pace.

On-demand video - created in different platforms, tools, and formats - can be stored, managed, distributed, and tracked on a dedicated on- demand video platform. Pre-recorded videos are ideal for busy executives, who need to communicate the same information to multiple layers of the organization. 81% of non-executive employees report feeling more connected with leadership when they receive video communications from them.

computer screen with person with a tie on on video

Share regular video updates from your CEO and executives covering future directions, achievements, priorities, and organizational updates.

play screen with connections out to bubbles of people

Promote cross-functional understanding and collaboration with on-demand videos explaining the different team’s plans, challenges, achievements, and dynamics.

person’s head surrounded by light bulb, check mark, star

Facilitate knowledge-sharing with employee videos showcasing professional achievements, best practices, and success stories.

thumbs up next to a star

Build emotional connections with employee stories and experiences.

computer screen with boxes on screen

Connect your video streaming platform with the internal communications platforms (intranet, learning portals) or create dedicated video-first portals.

Prioritize security

Safeguard corporate data and control access to sensitive information right from the start. Use single sign-on (SSO) and playback restrictions to create a secure, compliant environment that also takes the user experience into account.

When employees join or leave the organization, their access permissions can be updated easily in one central location, reflecting changes across all integrated systems, including the video platform. This simplifies user management and reduces administrative overhead.

If your company handles sensitive data or operates in regulated industries, SSO can help ensure compliance with data protection mandates.

2. Maximize engagement

Adopt a data-driven approach to content strategy (including employee-generated content) and keep your content aligned with employee interests, preferences, and needs, as well as the organization’s communication and development imperatives.

Mature video platforms help you to understand how information flows in your company, identify what resonates with your employees, and make data-backed decisions to optimize your communications. Pinpoint what most engages your employees and tailor your internal communication strategies, channels, formats, and messages to be well-received and acted upon.

Key tactics for success

Use data to understand employee engagement

Leverage user data and interactive tools to understand what content employees engage with. Engagement metrics provide insights into how employees interact with your videos, what captures their interest, and what doesn't. Pay attention to how viewers engage with different parts of the video. Use tools like heatmaps to see where viewers drop off or which parts they rewatch.

finger pressing a button with different connections to it

Put interactive elements like quizzes, polls, or clickable links in videos to gather additional feedback about the employees’ learning paths.

video play screen hierarchy connecting to three other screens

Use branching to understand hierarchies of interest and what different video content employees gravitate toward.

graph with magnifying glass and upward trend line

Examine how employees of different functions and levels interact with your videos. This can help tailor content to specific segments.

Test and optimize to maximize employee engagement

Use engagement data to inform future video content. For instance, if tutorials have higher engagement rates, consider producing more tutorial videos. You can also create different versions of your videos (e.g., varying the intro, call-to-action, or content style) to see which performs better.

By continuously testing and optimizing based on engagement data, you can ensure your content remains relevant, engaging, and effective in achieving the desired business outcomes and reinforcing a culture of video communication.

person staring at a computer screen with another person on it

Optimize content programs to improve engagement metrics.

magnifying glass on outline of a person

Continue monitoring engagement to identify engagement drops.

outline of person with clockwise arrow going around them

Act promptly to address potential churn and disengagement.

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