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Zencoder Cloud Video Transcoding Solution
Zencoder Cloud Video Transcoding Solution

Scalable Cloud Video Transcoding

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Integrate with ease

With Zencoder's video encoding API you’ll seamlessly integrate your application with our extremely fast and scalable encoding platform in hours not weeks. Our well-documented API, easy-to-use API request builder, integration libraries, and dedicated support streamline the process for a solution that is beautifully simple.

Encode video and scale instantly

We deliver the fastest encoding times for the broadest range of formats in the cloud. Even HD quality video is encoded faster than realtime. It’s that fast. And with Zencoder you’ll have all the power of our globally distributed cloud infrastructure so you can scale instantly without ever paying for idle server time, that includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all plans.

Do it all with one powerful video transcoding solution

Zencoder supports the broadest range of input and output formats, including HEVC and VP9. With Zencoder you don’t need to be a video expert, it automatically does what’s right for your video like intelligently rotating video from smartphones, and correcting for audio/video sync issues saving you time and energy.

Our complete range of features allow you to clip and crop, extract and insert subtitles and closed captions, handle multichannel audio, package into HLS and MPEG-DASH, and apply AES-128 encryption and DRM.

Get a handle on costs

Zencoder uses an easy to understand content duration-based pricing model. Pricing for file-based transcoding is as low as 2¢/minute for no commitment monthly plans and even lower for volume-based enterprise plans.
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