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Reach every viewer on every device.

Your ad placements are a key source of revenue, so you need a solution that delivers ads with no buffering or delays to desktop, mobile, gaming consoles, connected TVs, and smart TVs. And that’s exactly what you get with Brightcove’s Server-Side Ad Insertion. SSAI lets you extend your reach and your revenue, whether your content is livestreamed or available on demand.

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Keep your advertisers and your viewers happy.

SSAI delivers a great viewer experience, with smooth, seamless transitions in and out of ad breaks — no delays or re-buffering — with support for multi-screen closed captions and multi-language audio. What’s more, it’s not susceptible to disruptions that can reduce advertiser value, such as playback on devices with ad blockers running. Ads are conditioned to match playback specifications of your content, ensuring ads deliver the same quality as the program content, on every device.

Check out this article for a brief overview of SSAI.

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More ad revenue for less money.

Server-Side Ad Insertion will not only generate ad revenue for your business, it’s priced simply and fairly too. There’s no upfront investment; you pay only for what you use; and there are no costs associated with infrastructure maintenance, or idle server capacity. SSAI supports all of the most popular ad servers, and is now integrated with Brightcove Ad Monetization service, enabling customers to easily backfill remnant inventory, or rapidly launch new ad supported services with yield-optimized advertising that is targeted to maximize the value of your content.

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The analytics advertisers want.

Every advertiser wants to know how their ads are performing. With SSAI, you can increase your inventory with real-time pre-, mid-, and post-roll dynamic ad insertion and digitally target and measure while delivering a linear viewing experience to every device. Brightcove SSAI incorporates deep insights into key performance indicators, including details about what ads were trafficked, quartile reporting for every player session, and with Brightcove Ad Insights, how changes to the frequency or duration of ad breaks impacted overall viewer engagement.

Growing their brands and their businesses with SSAI.

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"SWM decided to pivot its business strategy and become a total video enterprise, putting consumers in control of the viewing experience. In order to do that successfully, the company identified two major goals: (1) incrementally monetize all of its live stream content, and (2) measure each asset independently."

Clive Dickens

Chief Digital Officer, Seven West Media

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“With Brightcove, we are able to increase the reach of TVNZ OnDemand across a range of different devices and provide a more customized experience for our viewers, delivering them the content they want, wherever they want it.”

Jason Foden

General Manager, TVNZ OnDemand

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Features and benefits

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Live or on-demand video

With SSAI, you can generate ad revenue whether you’re livestreaming or making video content available on demand.

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Block the ad blockers

Server-side as insertion lets you get around ad blockers to deliver ads to their intended audience and revenue to your bottom line.

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A great experience on every device

Connected TVs, smart TVs, mobile or desktop, gaming consoles — different devices all provide the same great viewer experience.

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