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Create a unique video portal with brightcove gallery
Create a unique video portal with brightcove gallery

Create powerful & engaging video experiences

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Deliver engaging, emotive, interactive digital experiences and video portals in minutes.

Publish Immersive Video Experiences Anywhere

Delight and engage with customized video experiences. Now you can create a wide variety of in-page layouts including carousels, grids, and playlists, that dynamically change before, during and after video play. Plus, add interactive elements both inside and outside the video player. Then, easily embed these layouts in your websites, landing pages, blogs, and email campaigns.

Drive Video Marketing Results

Easily create an immersive video gallery designed to deliver impressive marketing results: more views, more conversions, and more time on your site.
  • Add customizable lead forms
  • Easily create calls-to-action & custom messaging
  • Leverage built in best practices for video SEO
  • Add social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter & more
  • Reach all devices with fully responsive templates

Brand Your Enterprise Video Portal Experience

Brightcove Gallery provides a full range of templates, available for a variety of use cases such as product showcases, live events, and internal communications. With 10+ stunning templates, over 100 customizable styles and the ability to customize colors and designs, Gallery lets you match your site to your own brand’s look and feel.

Stream Live Events

Manage a complete live stream from start to finish. Gallery’s Live Event template allows you to engage your audience before, during, and after your event by creating a branded pre-event destination, a live stream event page, and a post-event video archive.

Launch Your Video Gallery in Minutes

Easy to launch. Easy to maintain. Gallery’s user-friendly interface, SaaS hosting, and integration with the Brightcove Video Cloud means you can create an entire video gallery in less than 15 minutes and update it without any technical resources.