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HCSS Shortens Sales Cycle by 44 Percent Using Brightcove Video Platform

“Video First” Marketing Strategy Drives 60 Percent Revenue Increase Over Four Years

BOSTON - HCSS, a pioneer in developing software to help construction companies streamline their operations, has leveraged video to shorten its average sales cycle by 44 percent. Using the Brightcove (NASDAQ: BCOV) video platform, HCSS has deployed video at every stage of the customer journey, from initial awareness to client retention. Video has become HCSS's top lead-generating tool, touching 90 percent of the company's leads.

Driving this success is The Learning Center, a website that HCSS created to house its video content. Prospective and current customers access the site themselves or receive a video directly from a HCSS sales rep. By integrating gated video content with Hubspot and Salesforce, “_The Learning Cente_r” reduced closing from 160 days to just under 90 days, marking a 44 percent decrease in average sales cycle. With video at the forefront of its digital marketing strategy, HCSS has increased revenues by 60 percent over the last four years.

“We needed a video platform that would grow with us as we pushed more video through every phase of the the customer journey and would help us make a meaningful impact in the lives of our customers. Brightcove has enabled us to do that,” Dan Briscoe, vice president of marketing at HCSS, said.

“Video enhances every digital touchpoint and is changing the ways companies communicate internally and externally,” Andrew Feinberg, CEO, Brightcove, said. “HCSS is one of many success stories at Brightcove showing how companies can leverage video throughout the customer journey to improve the customer experience and bolster revenue.”

Video is at the heart of HCSS’ brand campaign, I Build America. By focusing on a growing list of email networks, registered subscribers, and professional associations re-sharing the videos leveraging the Brightcove platform in lieu of heavy advertising, HCSS saw a boost in brand recognition across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and garnered a 50 percent share rate among viewers.

Video also plays a critical role in HCSS engagement, lead conversion, and customer retention activities. By integrating The Learning Center with Hubspot and Salesforce, HCSS has simplified segmentation and lead nurturing.  It has also garnered accurate data that allows HCSS’ sales team to better understand prospective clients. Using this insight, sales reps are able to develop more strategic approaches to the customer relationship and to implement those approaches more effectively. And because the overall goal of The Learning Center is to drive sales, HCSS knows that every dollar spent on video initiatives contributes to the company’s bottom line, according to Briscoe.

In the last four years, HCSS has grown its marketing team from five to 20 employees and its video team from one to five employees.

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