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By Meredith Kivett

Director, Partner Solutions, Media at Brightcove


Roku Direct Publisher: One Year Later


An Update

Last fall, Brightcove had exciting news to share about our partnership with Roku. We announced support for the newly launched Direct Publisher, Roku’s web application that empowers content owners to launch channels without any development. More specifically, through our Brightcove Global Services group, we can help customers organize metadata from Video Cloud into a feed that customers can simply drop into Direct Publisher. Well, it’s a year later, and we’re delighted to give a shout out to a few customers who have used the solution to efficiently get their content in front of viewers on Roku.

Lionsgate Entertainment

Lionsgate Entertainment launched its Vidmark channel of 50+ free full-length movies on Roku, under the genres of Hollywood Horror, College Humor, Plan of Action, Politically Correct, and Keepin’ It Real. With 200+ reviews just a few weeks after launch, they’ve seen impressive engagement from viewers out of the gate.

Dallas Basketball Ltd

Dallas Basketball Limited launched an official Dallas Mavericks channel on Roku for fans to watch behind-the-scenes footage of players, game highlights and a few long-form videos like the 2011 NBA Championship Parade. As owner Mark Cuban explained in a statement, “We want our fans to have access to Mavs content wherever they are, and within any platform they’re using. Adding Roku to our repertoire adds another piece to the fan experience puzzle.”


BabyCenter, the digital destination for expert-approved information related to pregnancy, children’s health and parenting, launched a channel on Roku that brings 200+ educational videos, like “how to sleep like a baby when you’re expecting one” and “should I have a doula?” to the living room screen. “Leveraging OTT platforms enables us to make our content easily accessible to today’s young couples, parents and families,” said Linda Murray, senior vice president of Consumer Experience at BabyCenter. “Our audience now has easy access to expert-approved information when they need it, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.”

At Brightcove, we’re always excited to collaborate with key technology partners, like Roku, to help our customers grow their video businesses. Kudos to Lionsgate, Dallas Basketball Ltd and BabyCenter, among others, who have taken advantage of Brightcove’s support for Roku Direct Publisher.

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