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By John Simpson

Senior Manager of Content at Brightcove

Brightcove Play 2021 Recap: Watch Sessions On Demand


Video enthusiasts from all over the world joined us for PLAY 2021. If you weren’t one of them, you missed some incredibly inspiring, compelling, and informative sessions.

But as we always say, one of the great things about virtual events is that they can live on long after the event itself is over. Which is why you should head on over to PLAY TV and check out everything you (temporarily) missed. You can access it on the web at or by downloading the PLAY TV app from the Apple or Android stores.

Here’s just a sample of the 24+ hours of PLAY 2021 content you’ll find there:

  • The day 1 keynote with groundbreaking storyteller and founder of Shondaland Shonda Rhimes, in which she talks about her creative process, what makes a story work, where she gets ideas from, and more.
  • How the New South Wales, Australia school department uses video to keep their entire community informed and engaged.
  • Super-helpful tips for presenting yourself on video from human behavior expert Vanessa Van Edwards. (Trust us, this one goes way beyond “don’t wear a plaid shirt.”)
  • A fascinating look at how arts organizations like Lyric Opera are using video to reach new audiences all over the world.
  • How Akamai uses virtual events to stay connected with their global workforce.
  • And so much more in our communication and engagement, digital marketing and e-commerce, and media tracks.

And be sure to check out the sessions on these exciting new products from Brightcove:

  • CorpTV, which lets every company have their very own always-on video channel for things like news and updates, employee communications, and onboarding and training. (Fun fact: PLAY TV is Brightcove’s CorpTV channel, so that will give you an idea of the kind of experience you can create.)
  • The Brightcove Marketplace, where you’ll find all kinds of powerful integrations to extend and enhance the capabilities of your Video Cloud platform. You can connect directly with our technology partners there, too, to discuss your particular needs.
  • And Brightcove Marketing Studio, which makes it easy for marketing teams to use video by keeping it centrally organized and making it readily available within the tools your teams are already using.

One last thing before you head over to PLAY TV. During the day 2 keynote from the creators of the beloved documentary Crip Camp, which was only made possible by the advent of portable (if 17 pounds counts as portable!) video cameras, Jim LeBrecht, the film’s co-producer and co-director, observed that “you can have all this technology, but it's the human beings behind all of that that really make or break something."

And it occurred to us that this is the true power of video: on some level or in some way, every video is about people. We hope the content you’ll find on PLAY TV helps you to inspire, inform, and entertain… we hope it helps you tell your story.

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