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By Mykola Konrad

Vice President, Product Management at Brightcove

Introducing Brightcove Beacon

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At Brightcove, we obsess over the customer and viewer experience. As an early believer in the power and potential of OTT video, we have 15 years of proven leadership in the video space—and we understand the latest industry shifts and consumer preferences better than anyone else. In an age when viewers have increased expectations and growing appetites to watch content on an ever-growing list of devices, we believe that it’s more important than ever for you to be able to reach your audience—wherever they are.

Brightcove Beacon™, our new SaaS-based OTT platform, is our latest example of our dedication and investment in this space. The upcoming release will empower you to deliver captivating OTT experiences on more devices in record time. Once Brightcove Beacon officially launches in a few weeks, it will join our existing OTT offerings—making it easier than ever for you to choose the right solution for where you are in your OTT journey.

Interested in learning more? Here’s a quick overview of the technology behind Brightcove Beacon—and the benefits you can expect.

Reach audiences everywhere

Brightcove Beacon’s streamlined development process empowers you to get up and running on more devices than ever before—in the time it used to take to develop and deploy just one. Our new OTT platform contains three main components: a Content Management System (CMS), an admin portal, and an application generator. In the CMS, you’ll be able to designate how you want your content to be displayed to users—creating content playlists and the content publishing structure (using easy-to-change metadata tags). Then, in the admin portal, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Configure the look and feel of the application experience

  • Input any applicable monetization configurations

  • Set up any advertising you would like to send through to the application

Once you’ve configured this information, the application generator will create native code for the specific devices on which you want to launch your OTT experience (i.e.,  iOS, Android, Samsung TV, and Roku). After this process takes place, you’ll be able to quickly package your app and submit it to the appropriate app stores—making it easier than ever for you to get to market faster.

Optimize your application management process

Once you generate your initial app, your remaining apps will all reference the single CMS for their content, as well as for the designated look and feel. This means that after you set up your CMS to your specifications, you’ll be able to generate applications for a variety of devices—from nine different types of smart TVs to four different kinds of connected devices, and more! Now that you won’t have to redo your configuration work each time, you’ll be able to launch multiple apps much faster than you ever could with the traditional, serial process of developing them one at a time (or in parallel with many more resources).

And you’ll also have the power to push out minor changes quickly and easily across all of your apps. If you want to adjust things like your app navigation, you’ll simply need to make the change in your admin portal; you won’t have to regenerate or recertify your apps. And once you make the adjustment, it will automatically be pushed out to all devices—empowering you to always provide a consistent experience.

With Brightcove Beacon, you can leave us to worry about the technical delivery—so you can focus on how to capitalize on the next big trend. I know that I can speak for the entire team when I say that we can’t wait for you to see firsthand all that our new release has to offer. Click here to learn more about Brightcove OTT experiences, and keep an eye on this space for more information about the upcoming Brightcove Beacon launch.

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