Brightcove + Frequency = FAST



with a free, ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channel.

Content is a major investment. A FAST channel lets you share it with a wider audience and boosts your ROI.

Brightcove has partnered with Frequency, the fastest growing linear streaming platform, to allow Brightcove customers to launch FAST channels and manage content, programming, and monetization from the Brightcove platform.

Easily create, launch, and manage your own FAST channel

Why are FAST channels growing so… fast? Media companies like them because FAST channels let them distribute their content more widely to drive more revenue. And viewers love them because they’re free to watch. With our partnership with Frequency, you can launch your own FAST channel directly from our powerful and reliable Video Cloud platform.

Frequency Studio Connector is a seamless integration between Brightcove Media Studio and Frequency’s Virtual Linear Channel Playout Platform that lets you:


  • Leverage Brightcove and Frequency, the most trusted names in streaming and FAST, in a single solution
  • Centralize your video content, metadata, scheduling, delivery, and advertising via an integrated workflow and avoid operational delays due to the spread of content and metadata across different repositories.
  • Reduce the barriers to entry and launch FAST channels quickly thanks to a proven workflow
  • Expand your reach to 50+ distributors worldwide knowing that your content will be processed according to the distributors’ requirements without your having to worry about it

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Maximize your content library’s value

Whether you produce your own or license it, content is a key part of your budget and you want the highest return on your investment. Depending on the type of content you offer and your target audience, you can decide to make your content available via SVOD, AVOD, TVOD and Pay-Per-View, or a mix of all the above. You can also decide to launch a FAST channel and maximize your ROI with different revenue models, depending on your chosen distribution endpoints' policies.

  • When a distribution endpoint owns 100% of inventory and pays the content owner a revenue share, you will negotiate revenue directly with the distributor.
  • When an endpoint accepts ad tags from content owners and provides an inventory share, you (as a content owner) will take a portion of the inventory and keep 100% of the revenue. You will be able to leverage Brightcove Ad Monetization to manage your entire inventory or just the unsold portion.
  • On your owned-and-operated properties, you own 100% of the inventory and may take in third-party content. You can share revenue or inventory and can leverage Brightcove Ad Monetization.

Learn more about Brightcove Ad Monetization.

Simplify contracting, billing, and support

Partnerships are great, but you may not appreciate the administrative overload of multiple contracts, billing, and support teams. With the Brightcove — Frequency partnership, you can:

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Choose among several Brightcove multi-channel support programs that provide expert-level support specialists, best practices, and administrative knowledge to leading media worldwide.

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Regularly reach out to your Account Management team for day-to-day enquiries, quarterly business reviews, and roadmap updates to make sure that your desired business outcomes are met.

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Rely on local technical and engineering support.

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Benefit from a single contract with Brightcove and a single bill.

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Built on Brightcove Media Studio

This integration is built on Brightcove Media Studio, our end-to-end OTT streaming solution that lets you deliver beautiful viewing experiences that engage audiences on any device or platform. With Brightcove Media Studio, you can:

  • Choose the monetization model that’s best for your content and your business — AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, or hybrid.
  • Reach and engage a global audience with multilingual capabilities and captioning options.
  • Replace fragmented video processes with smooth and efficient workflows.
  • Focus on growing your business, not worrying about tech — our Video Cloud platform is the world’s most trusted streaming technology for a reason.

Discover the power of Brightcove Media Studio.

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