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Brightcove and L2 Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Seamless Video Experiences for Arts and Cultural Organizations

Viewers can now experience the performing arts like never before with integrated solutions

BOSTON, March 30, 2021 - Brightcove® Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOV), the global leader in video for business, today announced a partnership with L2, a solution provider for arts and cultural organizations, to provide their viewers with an exceptional cart-free purchasing experience. Whether it’s purchasing a 48-hour rental or a free trial, a monthly subscription, a PPV livestream, or a multi-show digital season pass, this partnership will make transactions swift and easy.

Over the past year, performing arts organizations have continued to provide viewers with video options when they couldn’t be in person at concert halls, stadiums, theatres, and museums. Using video, these organizations have seen record attendance and reached broader audiences. They have also created new, engaging content for viewers with behind-the-scenes footage, Q&A sessions with performers, and more. As consumers adjusted to virtual events and the accessibility of content, organizations realized there is a greater need for a long-term video strategy to support their remote audiences and drive additional viewing opportunities.

L2 integrates with Tessitura for transactional order data and SSO authentication for a unified login, Stripe for one-time payments and recurring subscriptions, and Brightcove for video streaming. These elements are configured through the L2 Stream2 interface so organizations can quickly and easily build cart-free forms that provide gated access to Brightcove videos.

This partnership provides an all-in-one video solution for organizations and works with additional features and functions from Prospect2/ActiveCampaign, Twilio, and QR Code. Prospect2/ActiveCampaign enables arts and entertainment organizations to create a cohesive customer experience, including pre-event reminders, in-video automation triggers, and post-event follow-ups. Twilio enables viewers to access content through Text2donate and Text2Stream options. QR Codes allow patrons to Scan2Donate and Scan2Stream.

“The partnership between Brightcove and L2 removes the friction blocking potential patrons from purchasing and instantly streaming performances,” said Michael Moore, Associate Director of Marketing Insights at Boston Symphony Orchestra. “We can provide our patrons with a seamless experience from purchase through the streamed event. With Stream2’s ease of use, we have expanded our audience reach, allowing more viewers to enjoy Boston Symphony Orchestra performances from the comfort of their own homes. The results have been strong and we continue to find opportunities for patrons to easily click, pay, and watch.”

“We are excited about our partnership with Brightcove. We bring 18-plus years of Tessitura integration knowledge along with years of experience helping arts and cultural organizations with solutions for their digital content. The unified Tessitura login we’ve created for authenticating patron access to Brightcove video is pretty magical,” said Stephen Lynch, Co-President, L2. “We help organizations think outside the cart with our flexible Stream2 forms to sell Brightcove video in new ways. Organizations can quickly take a product idea like Gift for the Holidays, Pick Your Price, Free Registration, or a 7 Day Trial and create a Stream2 form to bring the idea to life."

“The integration between Brightcove and L2 will change the way arts and cultural organizations approach both their digital presence and the kind of experiences they can offer their patrons,” said Lynn D. Tinney, VP of Global Partners, Brightcove. “We are excited to empower these organizations to deliver highly scalable and beautiful experiences to viewers in a reliable and secure environment. We look forward to seeing how organizations creatively expand their reach with this partnership.”

About L2 The L2 suite of Tessitura integrated tools includes Prospect2 for marketing automation, Integrate2 for WordPress website design & development, Donate2 for quick one-click donations, and Stream2 for quick payment for access to digital content. With over 18 years of experience partnering with Tessitura-powered organizations to help grow and innovate, L2 brings a deep understanding of the needs of arts and cultural organizations.

About Brightcove When video is done right, it can have a powerful and lasting effect. Hearts open. Minds change. Creativity thrives. Since 2004, Brightcove has been helping customers discover and experience the incredible power of video through its award-winning technology, empowering organizations in more than 70 countries across the globe to touch audiences in bold and innovative ways.

Brightcove achieves this by developing technologies once thought impossible, providing customer support without parallel or excuses, and leveraging the expertise and resources of a global infrastructure. Video is the world’s most compelling, exciting medium. Visit for more information. Video That Means Business.™


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