SAS Intelligent Advertising is a complete ad serving and sales management platform that helps digital publishers control inventory and maximize profitability of all media channels. We solve the complexity of digital ad sales, analytics, forecasting and ad delivery with unprecedented capabilities that match the best use of a publisher’s online advertising inventory.

The Brightcove partnership with SAS Institute puts publishers in control of monetizing their video content. SAS IA is the most advanced and robust ad sales and serving platform for publishers to control their video, display and mobile advertising inventory. With advanced and accurate forecasting, campaign trafficking and data analysis SAS delivers advertising intelligence to publishers to increase revenue. 

Most publishers use some mix of direct sales efforts and/or value-add third party partners to sell their ad inventory. SAS IA provides powerful but easy-to-use tools to understand what a publisher has to sell and the best channels to use to optimize their yield. As a Brightcove partner, SAS IA works seamlessly in the video player to enable intelligent ad delivery of IAB VAST and VPAID standard advertisements from any sales channel.

SAS is an advertising technology provider 100% focused on software solutions, not on being a media business. Your data is your most valuable asset and the Brightcove partnership protects your video advertising data, presents meaningful insights on 'big data' and provides you with the controls to take action on those insights to grow your revenue. SAS doesn’t sell ad inventory, we simplify the complexity of selling ad inventory. 

Features & Benefits

  • Monetize all pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll advertising inventory within a comphrehensive ad serving platform for all digital ad delivery.
  • Accurately forecast video inventory, as stand alone products or as part of cross-channel offerings, to ensure your deliver on what you're selling.
  • Include video inventory in your ad inventory product mix, streamlined into sales workflow – build high value proposals and convert to campaigns in a single management console.
  • Protect and capitize on your data, utilize granular data associated with your video content for targeting, reporting, and analysis.
  • Find and control the right balance of direct and indirect sales efforts to maximize yield and profits.

Getting Started Guide

Publishers need an agreement in place with SAS to use the SAS Intelligent Advertising platform. Once that is done, we have documented steps on setting up ad calls within the Brightcove Video Cloud Studio.

SAS takes a new approach by providing a comprehensive ad serving and data management platform coupled with advanced advertising intelligence delivered via the cloud as Software-as-as-Service (SaaS.) We have an affordable CPM based pricing model. Contact your local SAS office or call 1.800.727.0025 for specifics.

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