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Video Boosts

Talent Acquisition

graphic has magnifying glass on one person followed by a series of other peoples profiles to talk about the role of video in talent acquisition

First impressions matter.

The best candidates can be choosy. They seek more than just a skills match. They want a company that aligns with their values, beliefs, and career goals. An authentic employer brand and a memorable candidate experience can be the key to becoming their first choice.

Use video to humanize the candidate experience and tell your company's story captivatingly and authentically. Be it a company overview, welcome video, “meet the CEO” session, or a quick check-in video from people ops - a video interaction helps shape the candidate’s perception and makes your company more appealing.

Hire faster, improve candidate fit, and leverage internal resources to promote your employer brand.

Graphic depicting three stats about how initial perceptions in the candidate process boost confidence in employment decisions, mentioning how video boosts initial engagement

1. Get in front of talent

Use video to grab attention and make sure the best candidates don’t scroll past your job posts.

Appeal to potential candidates with video messages directly from hiring managers, recruiters, and team leads. When your employees become advocates, candidate engagement and application rates soar.

Key tactics for success

Use video to attract talent

86% of job seekers use social media to find and apply for jobs. Meet the best candidates where they are with videos that create interest and inspire shares. This helps to expand the candidate pool, find best-fit candidates, and improve diversity in hiring.

video play screen with arrow pointing out

Share video job postings on your website, social media, and job boards.

video play screen going into an envelope

Include recruitment videos in email campaigns and online ads targeted to your ideal candidates.

System of folders with different video play screens connecting to them

Create video libraries to organize job descriptions and company info in a discoverable manner.

Tailor the candidate experience

Tailoring recruitment videos to specific roles and candidate preferences enriches the candidate experience and improves hiring. Ensure that candidates receive only relevant job opportunities and content to improve candidate-employer fit, saving both their time and the company's resources.

person staring at a computer screen with another person on it

Feature candid videos with hiring managers and recruiters to build a personal connection with candidates, show them the people they’ll interact with, and encourage them to reach out directly.

list of content with a video screen popping out

Include forms within the videos 
to collect candidate data.

video screen with a person on centralized by a circle

Personalize videos based on the specific role the candidate is interested in.

Make employees your ambassadors

Video content produced, curated, or distributed by employees is often the most relatable and believable. Content shared by employees receives 8x more engagement than brand channels. Publicly published EGC can increase your candidate conversion rate by 34%.

In addition to amplifying reach, EGC helps enterprises be perceived as more authentic, trustworthy, and relatable. Its cost-effectiveness also makes it a strategic choice for brands looking to maximize ROI.

Plus, engaging employees in content creation can boost their sense of belonging and loyalty.

computer screen with outline of person on it

Include authentic, employee-generated videos about their experiences at your company in your hiring campaigns to enhance credibility and leave a lasting impact.

person being recorded on video

Enable specific users with resources to create video content (such as helping the CEO easily record and upload via integrations like Dropbox or GoogleDrive).

video play screen with thumbnails to shuffle through underneath

Create a dedicated page featuring carousels of videos about employee experiences (in testimonial format), who your CEO is, company vision/mission, and key achievements.

Folder with video play screen

Build a central repository for recruitment-focused video content.

outline of person next to three check marks and three video play screens

Appoint teams or users who manage review and approval flows prior to publication.

2. Humanize your company

Seeing is believing.

Use video job postings to bring the opportunity to life. For example, you can make a video with the hiring manager, team leader, and recruiter discussing the open position, employee benefits, career path, and company culture.

When candidates see your people, hear their stories, and understand how they work together, it’s easier for them to relate and visualize how they’ll fit in. It’s also a credible way to show off your company’s culture and personality.

Key tactics for success

Introduce the brand and culture

Before applying for a job, 82% of employees consider an employer's brand and reputation. Help them choose your organization by featuring your leaders and highlighting your brand's values and culture through video. Detail the comprehensive benefits and perks your organization offers, from healthcare to wellness programs, flexible schedules, and any unique offerings that set you apart.

computer screen with person with a tie on on video

Feature your CEO and C-suite leaders discussing the company's purpose, value proposition, and how you change your customers’ lives.

computer screen with person walking through a door

Present your workspace in a walk-through video.

computer screen with person next to outlined information bullets

Have people ops folks talk about company benefits and key policies.

Build a deeper connection

Once you’ve gained the candidate’s trust, work to deepen their connection to your teams and people. Let them see your organization and people in action with videos that showcase diversity, remote teams working together, employees achieving and thriving at work, and the community you’ve all built together. Attract candidates who value corporate citizenship by highlighting your organization's social responsibility initiatives.

two people putting together puzzle pieces

Offer glimpses of company holiday parties and team-building activities.

person on screen next to an award on a video play screen

Interview employees talking about their initiatives, achievements, and success stories.

two hands surrounding a heart on a video play screen

Go beyond business and highlight your volunteering and “giving back” efforts.

How Brightcove can help

Brightcove is a reliable, scalable, and secure platform for enterprise video

See how it can help you humanize the candidate experience and boost talent acquisition.

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