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How the DPP Reuses Event Videos

The DPP is a London-based business network for media companies, founded in 2015. According to their Chief Technology Officer, Rowan de Pomerai, the DPP spans the media supply chain. “Production companies, post-producers, broadcasters, streaming platforms, and of course, the service providers and technology vendors that power that whole business.”

The DPP primarily uses events to bring its members together for networking and exchanging ideas. That means they need a reliable streaming platform to deliver the proper experience on their website.

“I look at a conference like the Leaders Briefing, our flagship conference is two days worth of content, with over 30 speakers. We need to be able to get all of that video managed and put the individual videos into playlists of different sessions to make it easy for our users to navigate. And of course, we want to be able to do that in an interface that feels familiar and allows our marketing team to do their job easily and efficiently.”

By using Brightcove, the DPP is able to expand the value of their events: “Making that content available as video on demand to our members is a really powerful part of the resource that we offer them.”


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