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By Matt Childs

Director of Customer Marketing at Brightcove

Tips for Creating Compelling and Engaging Video Experiences


If you are like many organizations, you may still rely on free video hosting solutions like YouTube to host and manage your video content. Many consider it a “no-brainer” as these video platforms provide a free solution for a high value opportunity. Unfortunately, there is a high cost to free. You are left with a limited framework that does not actually solve your video experience needs, and in many situations can cause long-term negative impact on your content marketing initiatives.

In order to succeed, you need to view your video content marketing in a larger context that includes the overall experience in which your customers, prospects, and partners view your videos. How long is your video viewed? Where is your video viewed? What action does your prospect take after watching your video?

To get a better understanding, let’s take a look at one of the biggest problems marketers are faced with: centralizing and organizing video content.

Simply hosting your videos with a free service breaks many Marketing 101 rules, including:

  1. Video should be hosted and presented in a controlled and branded environment. This leads to more time spent on your website engaging with easily discoverable and relevant content;
  2. Video should have a strong call-to-action associated with it;
  3. Video should integrate with and enhance static content, while working to support SEO initiatives

Using a premium video platform, with a toolset designed specifically for launching and maintaining branded video portals, gives you the power to control the video experience down to the look and feel of the video player and the website on which it exists.  Brightcove Gallery, as part of Video Marketing Suite, does just this.

As a result, your audience will be engaged and your marketing team can expect to see on average a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines, a 105% increase of time on site, and 2 times overall conversion compared to a non-video marketing strategy. That’s something to celebrate!

Brightcove Gallery is your entryway to easily creating best-of-breed immersive customer experiences. Gallery provides robust tools and a set of templates and layouts for designing and launching video resource libraries, portals, and microsites.

Our customers have impressed us with their video experience portal results. Two examples included in our recent webinar are:

Emerson Process Management, who uses Gallery to organize and present their 900+ videos.

Emerson Process Management replaced a homegrown video portal with Brightcove Gallery, launching a video experience that supports the organization’s thousands of videos. Video Marketing Suite lowered web development costs, shifting management and control to the digital marketing team.

AccuWeather uses Gallery to power their VideoWall, which has thousands of on-the-street storm and weather related stories.

AccuWeather launched VideoWall as a key product to keep users on the site and drive revenue. Brightcove Gallery enabled AccuWeather to launch a brand new video experience product without the need for a web development team. In the first month after launch, AccuWeather saw a 63% increase in website engagement.

Brightcove Gallery is not just great for marketing and external use cases. Following are a few other common uses across our customer base:

  • Internal communications -- Easily launch portals for employee communication of corporate messaging, user-generated content, executive state of the union addresses, and more.
  • Marketing Portals -- Create a home for marketing content that drives awareness, engagement, conversion, retention, and advocacy. Gallery automatically associates a branded URL with each video, making it simple to include video in email messaging, social media sharing, sales follow up, etc.
  • Knowledge Sharing -- Training environments and video courses can be set up right out of the box, with easy organization and flow without the need for learning management systems and elearning software.
  • Speaker Series -- Build a channel for speaker series and thought leadership, organize speakers by events and topics that are easy to navigate.
  • Live Event Highlights -- Create an archive of live event highlights that can be updated and reorganized in real-time during conferences and events.
  • Microsites -- Quickly spin up branded microsites and video pages to support marketing initiatives, events, and so much more.

Watch our on-demand webinar detailing how five of our customer have used Gallery to drive real business results. We hope these examples will inspire you to do amazing things with video and launch your own video experiences using Brightcove’s Video Marketing Suite.

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