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Video Revolutionizes Internal Communications at McDonald’s Japan

The video message is really easy to use to reach out to this size of community...From our perspective, Brightcove is the best solution to provide an efficient environment to see the video material in the restaurants.
Nobuyuki YotsuyaCorporate Applications and Infrastructure

McDonald’s Japan is an empire of fast-food restaurants that has been growing for the last forty years and now comprises close to 3,000 locations. Unfortunately, their training program didn’t grow at the same pace. Until recently, headquarters printed training information in paper booklets. Any update meant the entire booklet had to be re-printed and re-distributed to every McDonald’s location in Japan—and if a team member had a question, they had to go to the back room, retrieve the most recent booklet, and find the answer. With an increasingly large non-Japanese speaking workforce and a 50% turnover rate, making sure all employees were efficiently trained in operations and protocols became of paramount importance.

By deploying video training on iPads and using Brightcove on the back end, McDonald’s Japan revolutionized training for their multi-lingual employee base. And it’s not just training—now, CEO updates and team-building communications are shared via video as well. Every team now has the most current and up-to-date information they need at their fingertips at a moment’s notice. Using Brightcove, McDonald’s Japan has been able to  energize their employees, accelerate delivery of messaging and training and transform their internal communications with video.