Brightcove Launches OTT Flow for Video Content Owners


It’s no longer a choice for media and entertainment companies to make their content available over the top. Now, it’s an expectation. Viewers around the world want to access and enjoy content on their chosen device and platform wherever they may be.

At Brightcove, our goal is to help content owners of all sizes capitalize on the exploding OTT market, whatever their needs may be. From companies just starting their search for a turnkey experience to sophisticated broadcasters seeking a more customized offering, Brightcove now offers a complete suite of solutions to meet the needs of everyone, at all ends of the OTT continuum.

Today’s content owners are challenged with the need to attract and support viewers across a wide variety of platforms and delivery methods. This requires specific skill sets and a capital investment to address the different platforms, operating systems, stream formats, advertising framework, billing ecosystems, and user experiences.

We recognize these challenges can impede on an organization’s ability to capitalize on the market opportunity, and more importantly, get their content in front of audiences when and where they want it. To address this, we’ve created solutions that allow our customers to address their viewers and adopt a multi-platform strategy depending on where they are on their OTT journey. For customers starting out or needing to optimize time to market, OTT Flow is an award winning turnkey solution that does not require any technical resources or up-front costs. At the opposite end of the continuum Brightcove Global Services can design beautiful, bespoke solutions that address all of your market requirements, and it’s a great solution when time to market is not critical.

By working with customers of all sizes and industries looking to go the OTT route, Brightcove has identified an audience with more complex requirements and customization needs than a pure turnkey service. Not only that, but customers need these capabilities while balancing time to market with budget and/or availability of technical resources.

The Launch of OTT Flow X

We are excited to announce the launch of OTT Flow X, powered by Accedo. OTT Flow X builds on our award winning turnkey solution, OTT Flow, allowing broadcasters and content owners to get to market quickly while also offering greater UX/UI customization, deeper integrations with third party systems, and delivery to more platforms—specifically smart TVs and game consoles.

OTT Flow X provides customers with a premium UX experience and the flexibility needed to extend the reach of content to the most popular devices, including web, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, Samsung, LG, Xbox, and Playstation platforms. Published apps are managed from a single console enabling seamless updates. More importantly, OTT Flow X simplifies and expedites the go to market process and gets content in front of viewers quicker, allowing content owners to capitalize on their investment sooner, while at the same time keeping costs down by eliminating the need for custom development.

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Success of OTT Flow

In the two years since Brightcove launched OTT Flow, powered by Accedo, its established itself as the premium turnkey solution on the market, and it’s had a strong reception from companies who embrace the idea of a turnkey service that gets them up and running quickly with a robust, full-featured OTT platform. With over 20 customers and 150+ apps in market, OTT Flow is helping content owners of all sizes reach and grow their audiences. This quick-to-market, low-cost value proposition continues to be relevant in today’s OTT landscape. Apps utilizing OTT Flow are frequently featured in the various app stores alongside bespoke offerings, proving turnkey does not have to be a compromise.

One Stop Shop

Brightcove is the go-to partner for online video solutions. Whether companies are looking for an out-of-the box OTT solution, more flexibility in a turnkey service, or a custom solution, Brightcove has you covered. With the launch of OTT Flow X, powered by Accedo, Brightcove delivers on its commitment to provide powerful and comprehensive OTT solutions for wherever you are on your OTT journey.