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Reach your entire audience with

accessible video

Build stronger relationships with all your viewers by making video accessibility a priority.

Video accessibility isn’t about checking a box; it’s about putting your audience's needs first. It shows that your company is committed to delivering the best possible experience to everyone, without exception.

Making your content availableto as many viewers as possible benefits everyone

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Make your content accessible to all audiences

Providing accessible video content is not just good business, it’s simply fair.

  • A variety of engagement options ensures that as many people as possible can connect with your content and brand
  • Supporting different intake experiences, whether it’s with captions for those who are hearing impaired or don’t use audio when they scroll through videos or with contrast adjustments for those who are visually challenged, makes people more likely to stay with your brand, explore it further, and convert

Our Player is also WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.

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Accessible video lets you reach audiences around the globe

It’s important to have content that can scale for different geographies and languages so everyone can understand it.

  • Providing localized captions, dubs, and translations removes the possibility of language-based misunderstanding by viewers
  • Even if your content is for a geographically limited audience right now, you want to have the tools in place to scale it as your business grows and your viewership grows with it

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Video accessibility also improves SEO and discoverability

Search engine optimization (SEO) and accessible content go hand in hand.

  • Features like transcriptions improve the searchability of your content and increase the possibility of a high search ranking by providing more context for search engines
  • Accessibility also works in tandem with digital “usability,” and having a website that is considered usable across audiences can boost its SEO ranking as well

Check out how accessible video impacts e-commerce experiences.

Our accessibility partners

We prioritize accessibility at Brightcove, and we work with some amazing partners who do as well. Take a look below to learn how they can add functionality to our platform to help you make your content available to as wide an audience as possible.

3Play logo

3Play - closed captioning, live captioning, audio descriptions, subtitling, and transcription services, with the ability to provide direct human support

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Caption Hub - a collaborative captioning and subtitling tool that uses automatic speech recognition

Rev logo

Rev - fast and accurate speech-to-text services powered by AI and humans

Brightcove and partneraccessibility features

We offer the following accessibility features – some are built into the Brightcove platform, and some are offered in collaboration with our partners:

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Live auto-captioning

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ASR captioning

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Audio descriptions

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HTML 5 Player

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Closed captioning


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