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Erik Ducker

By Erik Ducker

Director of Product Management at Brightcove

Introducing the Brightcove Integration & Partner Marketplace

Tech Talk

Meet the Marketplace

Video is the most engaging medium to deliver your message to any audience because it is so effective at telling a story, delivering information, making an emotional impact – and it has never been more accessible than it is today. But how you create, publish, and analyze video can vary widely depending on whether you need to reach a customer looking for product demos, an employee working remotely, or a sports fan in another country, and finding a complete solution that can solve your business’s unique challenges can be time-consuming if not impossible.

At Brightcove, we deliver flawless video for any use case through a combination of innovation, a robust technology ecosystem, and a steadfast commitment to our customers’ success. So today, we are excited to take the next step forward and introduce you to the Brightcove Marketplace™.

The Brightcove Marketplace is the place to search and discover integrations and applications that extend the capabilities and the value of the Brightcove platform. We’ve heard time and again that teams and organizations are looking for creative ways to solve specific challenges. With the new marketplace you can do just that by complementing your tech ecosystem with proven solutions created specifically to enable the Brightcove platform to do more.

Why visit the Brightcove Marketplace?

Imagine you’ve just been told that the next company all-hands requires presenters from multiple locations, and everything has to have a professional look and feel. Typically, you might ping your Brightcove account representative, but with the Brightcove Marketplace, you can quickly search for “live streaming software,” or simply tell us your business challenge – for example, “I want to train and engage my employees.” Up comes Socialive, a self-service video content creation platform for live and on-demand video. In a matter of seconds, you’ve found exactly what you need to ensure a successful all-hands. “The Brightcove Marketplace offers a one-stop experience for customers to find solutions like ours,” says Socialive CEO and founder, David Moricca. “We are excited to support customers looking to extend their Brightcove experience and take their video experiences to the next level.”

Beyond content creation tools, you’ll also discover solutions like Watching That, which collects data from every ad and every video view across every device in near-real time, allowing you to monitor, control, troubleshoot, and optimize all corners of your OTT revenue operations with a greater level of accuracy. Cameron Church, CEO and founder of Watching That, said, “The marketplace is a great way for customers to explore the best tools for their specific needs. Now they can benefit from the Brightcove experience they love, coupled with Watching That’s market-leading platform and our revenue operations experts to guide them.” And that is what’s amazing about the Brightcove Marketplace – with other vendors, you are left to your own devices to research and identify solutions that work with your existing technology stack, but Brightcove customers can connect directly with the integration and application developers, with support from the Brightcove team to ensure a seamless experience.

We are excited to share this new innovation to help you deliver incredible video experiences for any use case – and we have only just begun our journey. You can see what integrations are currently available by visiting the Brightcove Marketplace or through a direct link in Brightcove Video Cloud. We will be adding new integrations regularly, so don’t hesitate to provide us with ideas for solutions and integrations you’d like to see!

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