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How Watch iT! Engaged 400 Million People

How Watch iT! Engaged 400 Million People

Want to reach an audience of 400 million people? Then keep an eye on WATCH iT!. As the world’s largest Arabic streaming service, its blend of legacy programs, sports and original content are designed to engage more than 400 million people of Arab descent across the globe. But more than just an OTT (over-the-top) viewing experience, WATCH iT! is deeply committed to honoring Egyptian culture while providing opportunities for Arab content providers. With the innovations and technology of Brightcove at its side, WATCH iT! will see its purpose and potential achieve new heights.


One of the key drivers defining the mission of WATCH iT! is its commitment to bring back original Egyptian dramas, TV shows and movies from the 1960s and beyond. More than just entertainment, these shows and movies have great cultural value, enabling WATCH iT! to play a major role in educating Egypt’s next generation. “There’s great interest in this content,” said Moustapha Behkeet, VP and Managing Director WATCH iT!. “We’ve had lots of international stars emerge from Egypt, Nobel prize winners, and so much other history represented in this older material. When you restore the quality of the audio and the video, and then digitize it, the next generation is eager to enjoy it.” This legacy content provides a perfect balance to the contemporary programming of WATCH iT!, which includes original dramas and action content, top-rated tv shows and movies, blockbuster series, live- streamed concerts, documentaries, Egyptian Premiere football matches, and much more. Powered by Brightcove, it’s viewed across all devices in full HD quality, and Behkeet believes this will continue to position WATCH iT! as the “biggest Arabic streaming service, offering the biggest library of all times.”


“We believe in the power of creativity we have here in Egypt,” said Moustapha Behkeet. “As we find the right forum for creators from the Arab region, and help them monetize that content, we’ll be on solid ground.” From the very beginning, WATCH iT! has been focused on supporting its local creative and production industry, which had been severely impacted by digital piracy. With its subscription-based platform, it will establish a precedent for the way that content is viewed and paid for in the Arab region. The key to making that happen is security--protecting the content they acquire, and the content they produce. This is where Brightcove plays a significant role. “There’s a huge effort being done by Brightcove engineers--and more to come--for content protection,” said Behkeet. “We are always looking at staying a step ahead of illegal distribution, and Brightcove is a main part of that.” With this relentless focus on content protection, digital rights management and more, WATCH iT! can provide vital support to Egyptian content providers while continuing to fuel its expansion to a growing worldwide audience.


WATCH iT! is meeting the future head-on with a bold growth plan focused on acquiring more content, creating more original content, and increasing distribution. This includes new scripted series, additional international content, and reaching audiences with innovative approaches such as being available on leading game consoles. With the technology and expertise of Brightcove helping it achieve untold potential, WATCH iT! can stay firmly rooted with its Egyptian heritage as it competes at a world-class level in delivering content for 400 million across the Arab world.


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