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Video connects at every point in the customer journey. We detail how to build a cohesive strategy that fuels the end-to-end customer life cycle.

Gain actionable insights for all the customer journey stages

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Drive growth across the customer journey with Brightcove Marketing Studio

Brightcove Marketing Studio includes everything your business needs to make video the center of your marketing strategy. The powerful streaming platform fuels the end-toend customer journey with capabilities that include omni-channel activation, support for interactive features, advanced video analytics, and centralized video management. Best of all, Brightcove Marketing Studio benefits the entire marketing team, from content, social, and customer marketing to digital campaigns, events, and the web.

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The right video in the right place at the right time drives results

Brightcove can help you maximize the power of video by aligning your streaming strategy to the customer journey. Brightcove Marketing Studio pushes video to all marketing channels, captures actionable viewing analytics, and integrates with leading martech platforms—all to accelerate business growth. Brightcove customers have realized a 20% increase in sales conversions when using video in their marketing and outreach efforts.

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