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Yuriy Reznik

By Yuriy Reznik

VP of Research at Brightcove

CMAF: Deploying a Third Streaming Format to Reduce Costs

Tech Talk

Can deploying a third streaming format reduce costs?

Back in May, I had the opportunity to speak at the SF Video Forum about common media application format (CMAF)—a new type of file format that can unify HLS and DASH at a media container format level. While there are now well-defined conformance tests, reference implementations, and content specifications needed to enable mass deployment of CMAF, such mass deployment can't practically happen over night.

During my talk, I proposed a mathematical model to quantify the impact of deploying CMAF on delivery costs—depending on varying initial conditions—and identified specific regions in which deploying CMAF is beginning to make economic sense.

Interested in seeing my entire presentation? Watch the video below. And, if you're in the San Francisco area, be sure to join the SF Video Technology group.

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