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Section 5

Key Takeaways

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To learn is to grow

It's difficult to overstate the importance of video in capturing and communicating the “moments that matter” in the employee journey from hiring to onboarding to engagement and professional development.

Here’s a recap of how video communication shapes the employee experience at four critical stages of the life cycle:

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Talent acquisition:

Video creates the all-important first impression. It helps to humanize the company and get in front of talent in a compelling way. Putting employees at the heart of recruitment videos improves authenticity and makes the company more relatable.

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Video facilitates the transition from candidate to employee and makes new joiners feel like they belong right from the start. Introductions to the company culture, teams, and key projects make the onboarding process more engaging and informative, even for remote workers.

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Video builds virtual bridges that connect employees to the organization, leaders, and coworkers. Regular video communications, such as updates from leadership or team meetings, foster a sense of community and transparency. They keep employees connected and informed, enhancing their involvement with the company.

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Training and Development:

Video provides a versatile platform for continuous upskilling and professional development. Employees can access a wide range of instructional content at their convenience, which supports continuous learning and skill development, essential for professional growth and organizational success.

Get more out of your video communications with the following:

Centralized video management

Seamless distribution

Live streaming

On-demand video

Engagement data

Integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox

Interactivity and more

You can distribute your videos effectively through advanced platforms like Brightcove, offering viewers a cohesive and engaging experience, and uplifting the entire employee lifecycle. Adding a video streaming platform to your arsenal of tools will also simplify cooperation between your internal communications and people ops teams and individual content creators and users significantly. You will all share one place with up-to-date video content, meaning no matter who uploads any piece of video content anywhere, they will always have the latest version of it to hand.

Get back to actionable advice for each stage in this guide as you need, and start designing a winning video strategy today. If you run into questions or need a hand, drop us a message. We are here to help you deliver the right video content through the right medium at the right time for the best results.

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