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By Nathan Veer

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager at Brightcove

Creating a Video Portal for Your Business Website


Brightcove Gallery is a powerful and easy way to quickly roll out video portals. Most customers start with a single portal to house their video library. However, did you realize you can build many different kinds of Galleries? For free?

Let’s say you are hosting a live event which you will also be streaming online.  Additionally, you might have a smaller video team gathering “Man-on-street” videos, behind the scenes clips, or exclusive interviews with your guest speakers. Talk about social media gold.

Start by defining a dedicated tag for each of the categories. Next build a live gallery to stream the event and create a collection for each tag. Your featured live event videos should be your first category. The remaining categories will now automatically populate as you upload your videos with the corresponding tags. Now simply customize the look and feel of your Gallery’s design and just like that you’ve created a portal for your live event that will automatically update based on tags (even on a schedule if you want) drawing viewers back throughout, and even after, the event.

Let’s not forget you can now layer this video experience with the built-in lead form, included ad space, as well as the out of-the-box integration with marketing automation solutions such as Eloqua and Marketo using the Audience Module.

Another use-case would be to create a video employee directory for on-boarding and internal communications. Take Brightcove for example. We have multiple offices around the world as well as many remote employees. It can become difficult to match email addresses with faces. We started to collect short 2 minute videos of each employee which are then posted to an account and published to a Gallery, organized by department. This allows anyone to look up an employee by name, see what department they work in, and hear a personal message from them.

Brightcove also uses Gallery for internal training events that are streamed live and then made available on-demand… resulting in a huge library of searchable videos to train new and existing employees.

As you can see the possibilities are endless. Build your primary, customer facing gallery but then go back and see what other galleries you could set up for auto-publishing to your various viewers.

Check out some of Brightcove customer’s Gallery sites for additional inspiration: