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Brightcove Strengthens Monetization Service with New 'Ad Insights' Capability

Ad Insights equips media companies with data correlating advertising intensity with viewer engagement and identifies actions to optimize advertising strategies without compromising the viewer experience

BOSTON – June 5, 2023 – Brightcove (NASDAQ: BCOV), the world’s most trusted streaming technology company, is solidifying its leadership position in the video monetization space by introducing ‘Ad Insights’ today. The new solution will transform the way media companies measure ad tolerance and revenue optimization by analyzing audience engagement across their advertising and calculating the impact of advertising intensity.

By leveraging advanced machine learning models and proprietary metrics, Ad Insights will provide Brightcove customers with detailed analytics and insights that accurately portray viewer tolerance for ads, enabling them to optimize their ad load without disrupting the audience experience and retention.

While gathering comprehensive data on ad performance and audience impact has been a complex and time-consuming task, Ad Insights reduces the complexity through Brightcove’s unified video platform, empowering customers to effortlessly see the correlation between ad intensity, viewer engagement and tolerance for ads across dimensions, including players, devices, regions and content. By receiving a complete picture of their ad performance, customers can make informed ad frequency and duration decisions based on first-party data integrated across all Brightcove-powered experiences to maximize revenue while upholding an engaging viewer experience.

Customers of Brightcove’s ‘Ad Monetization,’ a recently launched service designed for media companies to better monetize their content, are currently being onboarded for the new ‘Ad Insights’ capability. The continuous evolutions are part of Brightcove’s commitment to providing its media customers with the best products and services to power their video content, optimize their advertising strategy, and maximize their advertising revenue.

Since its inception, the Ad Monetization service has brought revenue growth and maximization opportunities to Brightcove’s customers, including Cricket Australia, the national governing body for the game of cricket in Australia.

"We are excited to work with Brightcove to build a strong monetization strategy. The team's expert consultation and ability to work directly with our ad ops team is very helpful to get the most out of our digital video inventory. We're looking forward to seeing how we can continue to grow our business with this service and how it can positively impact our revenue,” shared Tom Quirk, Digital Advertising Operations Specialist at Cricket Australia.

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Brightcove creates the world’s most reliable, scalable, and secure streaming technology solutions to build a greater connection between companies and their audiences, no matter where they are or on which devices they consume content. In more than 60 countries, Brightcove’s intelligent video platform enables businesses to sell to customers more effectively, media leaders to stream and monetize content more reliably, and every organization to communicate with team members more powerfully. With two Technology and Engineering Emmy® Awards for innovation, uptime that consistently leads the industry, and unmatched scalability, we continuously push the boundaries of what video can do. Follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Visit

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