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By Lauren Barry

Product Marketing Manager at Brightcove

Brightcove Product Updates: Summer of 2018

Features & Updates

We can’t believe summer is almost over. Hopefully you were able to relax and take some time off. Here at Brightcove, we have been enjoying summer in Boston, while also releasing some exciting new product updates. Check them out:

Brightcove Live: Scalable, reliable live streaming

Brightcove Live Interface

Have you seen the new Brightcove Live? It has had a full platform overhaul to bring you an even more scalable, flexible and reliable live stream solution.

Our NEW Brightcove Live offers some great new features, including:

  • A new, easier-to-use interface that allows even a non-technical user to create and manage a live stream

  • The ability to clip a live event to short, snackable on-demand assets, while the stream is still running

  • The option to publish your on-demand clips to social channels without leaving the Brightcove platform

Don’t have Brightcove Live? Get a trial set up so you can explore these new features.

Facebook Rights Management: Fight for your rights!

Brightcove Video Cloud Publish to Facebook

Do you post videos on Facebook, only to have them stolen and re-posted on sites that are not yours? Good news: you can now configure rights properties within Brightcove Social if you have Rights Management enabled on Facebook.

Here’s the download on Facebook’s Right’s Management tool. Earlier this year, Facebook released a feature focused on combating the “stolen video epidemic,” as reported by TechCrunch. Facebook’s Rights Manager is an admin tool that allows businesses to upload video clips to be monitored, and be notified if copies of these videos are posted to Facebook.

Check out our Product Documentation for more details around the Facebook Rights Management process and how to configure your Brightcove Social account.

Brightcove Accessibility: Video should be enjoyed by all

At Brightcove, we strive to ensure that any videos uploaded to our platform meet the World Wide Web Consortium Standards for accessibility. Last quarter we released Closed Caption capabilities within our Brightcove Social module that allows for optimal sound-off viewing of your Facebook & YouTube videos.

In the coming months, Gallery will improve accessibility for both Portals and In-Page Experiences. We are working with accessibility experts to ensure that our customers can meet Web Content Accessibility Standards while using Brightcove Gallery.

To learn what other measures Brightcove is taking to ensure accessibility, check out our Knowledge Base.

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