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It’s time to go pro

5 ways Brightcove beats Vimeo


Master video marketing

Say goodbye to technical complexity—and say hello to your all-in-one video marketing solution. Easily tap into the power of video to build your brand, grow leads, drive conversions, live stream events, earn customer loyalty—and look like a pro in the process.

Make informed decisions

Crank up conversions and track it all with Brightcove Audience. Audience allows you to leverage in-video lead capture forms, segment and score leads, and integrate viewer analytics into your marketing automation or CRM platforms—so you can prove the ROI of video.

Plug video into your stack

We integrate seamlessly with best-in-class partners—making it even easier to customize our platform to fit your video needs. Looking to connect your ad serving partner, content management system, or marketing automation platform? We’ve got you covered.

Team up with real experts

Get a devoted, award-winning team of video and migration experts. We’ve won the Global Company of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan, plus we’ve won the Support Staff Excellence Certification from the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) for five years in a row.

Join the video pros

Thousands of Brightcove customers are already reaping the benefits of our technology and support. Cutting-edge video experiences, user-level tracking, and increased ROI could be yours. Get a demo today and see why video pros around the world have made the switch.

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