Delivering e-Commerce Videos that Convert

Brightcove recently partnered with IMRG, the UK’s e-commerce association, for a LinkedIn Live interview with Brightcove Senior Product Marketing Manager Karin McConkey by IMRG Strategy and Insights Director Andy Mulcahy. This quick-fire Q&A session gives a fantastic glimpse into why, when, and how retailers should be leveraging video in their e-commerce efforts, drawing upon real-life examples to illustrate the tremendous impact video can have on consumer purchase decisions.

Watch the on demand video now and get the answers.

Topics covered include:

  • Why is video important to e-commerce?
  • How can video have a direct impact on sales?
  • Are there ways for retailers to use video to retain and grow their existing customers?
  • How will video evolve for e-commerce retailers?
  • How should retailers go about building a strong video marketing strategy?

Watch the video

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