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Elyse Jenkins

By Elyse Jenkins

Senior Marketplace Success Manager at Brightcove

The New Brightcove Marketplace: Our Technical Integrations

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Create a Best-of-Breed Video Experience With a One-Stop Shop for Technical Integrations

Brightcove has been partnering with technology providers for years to deliver innovative business outcomes with video. Officially launched on September 28 at PLAY ‘21, the Brightcove Marketplace formalizes and evolves our technology partnership program. The Marketplace enables us to accelerate our platform innovation by tapping into technology advancements from our partners and their bespoke solutions.

A Marketplace for our customers

The Marketplace makes it easy for customers to discover and add functionality to the Brightcove platform to solve their specific business challenges. For each listing on the Marketplace, we emphasize the benefit of the integration to customers and clarify how it works. Additionally, each integration identifies the APIs it uses and the specific Brightcove products it works with.

According to Rajan Shah, VP of Technology Partners & Integrations at Brightcove, "With the Brightcove Marketplace we are addressing the ever-evolving needs of our customers in their video execution journey. We are marrying the rich value of our platform with other leading technologies in the video ecosystem and facilitating a more meaningful engagement."

Ways to experience the Marketplace

The Marketplace takes the form of a centralized hub of integrations and is readily accessible from and also via all Brightcove Video Cloud accounts. You can see a demo by catching up on the PLAY ‘21 session “Meet the New Brightcove Marketplace.” A breadth of video solutions are represented in the Marketplace. There are a couple of ways to navigate and explore the integrations:

  1. Search using the solution categories – Each integration is labelled and classified by our solution categories. Each category represents a well-defined subset of the video technology market. You can click on each of the categories from the navigation column on the left of the Marketplace home page. Marketplace home page nav

  2. Explore integrations that align with your business goals – Front and center on the Marketplace is a drop-down menu of business objectives such as “monetize my content” or “train and engage my employees.” The Marketplace makes it easy to discover and connect with partners whose integrations can support your goals. Marketplace drop-down search

  3. Keyword search – The search bar at the top of the Marketplace allows you to search for what you’re looking for using keywords. Marketplace search

If you are unable to find the right solution to meet your needs, the Marketplace will prompt you to get in touch with us. We welcome your input and the opportunity to connect so we can understand your business goals for video.

In addition to integrations from our partners, the Marketplace also features Brightcove-powered integrations we have built and support in-house. Spanning numerous solution categories, these integrations are especially useful for connecting Brightcove with widely used automation, e-commerce, analytics, and content management platforms.

What are our partners saying?

More than 60 integrations are currently listed in the Marketplace. Here are observations from two of our integration partners:

“As a long-term Brightcove partner, we’re excited to be part of the Marketplace. We think it is the best way for customers to enhance every aspect of end-to-end video on the Brightcove platform,” says Kevin Quan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ramp. Brightcove and Ramp have partnered together to integrate Video Cloud and Ramp eCDN solutions to manage the flow of video inside the corporate firewall and deliver a great viewing experience for enterprise customers.Ramp Integration Brightcove-certified plug-in works with all Ramp eCDN solutions (OmniCache, Multicast+ and Ramp P2P)

“Brightcove is IRIS.TV’s longest-standing partner and has plug-ins that make integration turnkey,” remarks Rohan Castelino, VP of Marketing at IRIS.TV. The company provides a seamless tech integration of their video recommendation solutions into Brightcove Player and content management system. Joint customers of Brightcove and IRIS.TV benefit from increased subscriber yield, user engagement, and retention.IRIS.TV Integration IRIS.TV’s video recommendation player plug-ins with Brightcove

It’s only just the beginning

The Marketplace launched with 40+ integrations, and in the few weeks since, we have seen a 29% growth in the number that are available. Have an integration you’d like considered for inclusion in the Marketplace? It’s easy – you can submit it here. The Brightcove Marketplace will continue to grow in the coming months and years, allowing us to deliver greater value and new video experiences to our customers. We can’t wait to see the new capabilities our incredible partners come up with.

Find new ways of leveraging video to support your goals in the Brightcove Marketplace.