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Retailers and e-commerce sites build stronger connections, create deeper engagement, and make more sales when shoppers press play.


Integrations with Shopify, Instagram, Pinterest and others make it easy for retail and e-commerce brands to stand out, sell more, and increase customer loyalty with video.

How can your brand get noticed when potential customers are bombarded with up to 10,000 sales messages every day? With video. Retail and e-commerce video lets you reach your audience wherever they are, from social media to their living rooms, and making your video shoppable takes viewers directly to your site to buy.

  • Meet shoppers at every point on the customer journey via integrations with social media platforms like Instagram, brand websites, and e-commerce storefronts like Shopify and Adobe Magento
  • Give customers more of the information they want with product videos, demo videos, video reviews, and more video-first content to help them decide to buy
  • Efficiently manage and distribute your video content with a centralized platform that keeps it organized, accessible, and searchable to the teams who need it

Learn how to drive e-commerce with video streaming.

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Interactivity and shoppable video make the connections that make sales.

Did you know 84% of consumers are convinced to make a purchase after watching a video? As brands look for new ways to attract and engage customers, interactive video-on-demand and live-streaming shoppable experiences open new opportunities to connect with audiences, deliver more immersive experiences, and empower buyers to make more confident purchase decisions.

  • Unlock your creativity with a variety of interactive experiences such as click-to-purchase video overlays, personalization elements, and branching
  • Better understand what’s resonating with your audiences by tracking engagement with interactive video elements, and continuously optimize
  • Deepen engagement and build a stronger customer community with live chat and other interactive features to encourage audiences to go from passive viewers to active participants (and ultimately buyers)

Create the connections that lead to conversions. Download our retail and e-commerce guide Humanize the Online Experience and learn how.

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The key to growing revenue is growing relationships.

Whether publishing on-demand videos or hosting live streams and virtual events, you can use video to create buzz around new products, keep existing ones top-of-mind, and welcome customers from all over the world on whichever device they prefer. And retail video doesn’t have to be expensive. Its ability to scale means that as your viewership grows, so does your ROI.

  • Expand the reach of your brand with video and deliver an immersive experience that will keep your audience coming back
  • Build stronger customer relationships leveraging with video data and analytics that tell you what audiences are viewing, how engaged they are, and what you should be doing more of
  • Build audience segments based on viewer engagement data to better target messages to the right people and encourage conversion
  • Offer an experience that can effortlessly scale to deliver beautiful video to millions of concurrent viewers with the help of a trusted streaming provider serving leading enterprise and media brands all over the world

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Don’t wait for customers to come to you. Let retail and e-commerce video take you to them.

Getting your brand in front of prospects and customers, holding their attention, making it easy for them to make a purchase, and building loyalty with great experiences—these are things video does better than any other medium. And Brightcove can help you do them better than any other partner.

  • Deliver flawless, media-grade video experiences audiences will love with our industry-leading Video Cloud platform
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your brand’s video content is safe on a platform that doesn’t compromise on security and that can scale effortlessly as you grow
  • Keep your streaming content up and running 24/7/365 wIth help from Brightcove’s global support team
  • Leverage China Delivery to facilitate a more streamlined workflow to deliver on-demand video experiences in China

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Using E-Commerce Video to Drive Sales

Read what over 1000 online shoppers had to say about how video influences their purchase decisions.

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Innovation and experimentation are part of every Hugo Boss fashion show. Only this time, it wasn’t only on the runway.

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