Video Platform Features

HTML5 Video Player

The industry’s fastest, most robust, and customizable video player.

Up to 70% Faster Than Other Players

Research shows that viewers are quick to abandon video content that doesn’t load quickly. The Brightcove player is the fastest player on the planet. Each player is optimized by pre-compiling and compressing plug-ins, skin assets, and thumbnails to minimize the download size.

Leverage the Industry Standard HTML5 Player

Brightcove’s HTML5 player outshines the others because we are the main corporate sponsor of Video.js, the industry’s most popular open source player project, used by Instagram, Twitter, Microsoft, Dropbox and hundreds of thousands of other technology companies. We start with Video.js and add a robust player management framework, Brightcove-approved and maintained adtech and user experience integrations, and award-winning support.

Broad Format Support

The Brightcove Player supports progressive MP4s and adaptive bitrate streaming through Apple HLS or MPEG-DASH. It also supports industry standard DRM formats like Apple FairPlay Streaming, Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady through HTML5 Encrypted Media Extensions. We also provide support for WebVTT closed captions for US Federal Government Section 508 compliance and caption delivery to virtually any device.

Easy Publishing for Non-Technical Users

Business users can create, customize, and publish players with a few clicks directly from within the Brightcove interface. And, Brightcove makes you look like a pro by automatically adding social sharing and closed caption buttons.

360 Video and VR Support

Unlock a new dimension with Brightcove’s support for 360 video playback. Upload video from your favorite 360 video camera such as the Ricoh THETA S, Samsung Gear 360, or Nokia OZO and publish across a wide range of consumer friendly devices and platforms. 360 Video playback is supported across the native web player, iOS SDK, Android SDK, and in VR through “Google Cardboard Mode” and even high-end VR headsets such as the HTC VIVE via the new WebVR HTML5 standard.

Fully-Customizable Player

Every player is fully customizable through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript APIs that are familiar to web developers and web marketing teams. Using plug-ins or adding code for in-page embeds or programmatic playback is a snap with our step-by-step documentation.

Comprehensive APIs and Debugging for Developers

The Brightcove Player is inherently developer-friendly through its use of industry standard technologies and development best practices. We provide APIs to let you manage player publishing, playback, plug-ins, and the player itself with complete access to the event model. You can also leverage the wide range of open source plug-ins from the Video.js project. The integrated debugger enables you to capture browser debug console messages for the player and associated plug-ins, so you can troubleshoot player behavior even when your player has been deployed to viewers.

Leverage the Power of Social Networks

With one click, users can add or remove social share buttons on the Brightcove Player to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr. Brightcove also offers an out-of-the-box social sharing end screen that can be configured to the player. This end screen offers a direct web link to the video that you can paste in an email. There is also an embed code to publish the video on a website.

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