Video Platform Features

Fully-Customizable HTML5 Video Player

Increase your video reach with a fast, powerful and easily customizable video player

We designed our video player to ensure that our customers' video solution will play on any device, anywhere in the world, all the time...for many years to come. The Brightcove Video Player is an HTML5 video player that is optimized to meet consumers' dual demands to watch content on any device with speed and quality.

HTML5 Video

Brightcove has the industry's best HTML5 video player. With HTML5, our video player provides a consistent experience on every device, operating system, and browser. HTML5 is native to web browsers, so they are already designed to load the video player... you'll never go back to Flash video players again!

Fast Video Player Load

The Brightcove Video Player is the fastest player on the planet: It is an HTML5 video player, built for mobile, with lightning fast player loading times that is easy to manage, extremely lightweight technology, and it's all built on open source technology.

Adaptive Bitrate HD Video Streaming

The Brightcove Video Player supports adaptive bitrate streaming to give your audience the best quality online video every time. Adaptive bitrate streaming creates multiple renditions for each video you upload, automatically detects user bandwidth, and dynamically switches between renditions mid-stream to ensure smooth playback at the highest quality possible. The Brightcove Video Player can stream HLS to all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) and also supports MPEG DASH.

Fully Customizable HTML5 Video Solution

At Brightcove we believe that our customers' video content is always the main focus — our logo NEVER appears on our video player. Every video player is fully customizable through web-standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript APIs that your web developer and marketing teams are already using on a daily basis. Changing the play button, adding social sharing buttons, and organizing playlists can all be accomplished quickly and easily.

Easily Integrate Social with Your Video Player

A social sharing button can be easily added to the video player so viewers can easily share the videos they love. With the click of a button, users can easily add or remove an out-of-the-box social sharing end-screen that can be added to the video player if the user so desires. In addition, the Brightcove video player offers the ability to add embed codes and direct links to the social sharing view for other sharing options, such as email.


Ensure that your video is accessible to everyone. Accessibility is incredibly important to Brightcove so we created the Brightcove Video Player to be WCAG 2.0 compliant, keyboard navigable, and able to work with all popular screen reader software.

Subtitles and Closed Captions

We fully support WebVTT closed captions as part of our mobile-first strategy. WebVTT is the most interoperable closed caption format, and WebVTT is the standard chosen by Apple for iOS devices. Videos with WebVTT captions work with Apple's native video players, which means any time Brightcove videos are opened full-screen on iOS, closed captions can be displayed.

Video Player and Playback APIs

We provide APIs at every level to make programming Video Cloud work with any custom workflow, allowing you to create integrated video player publishing and customization with any content management or custom publishing process. With our Video Player and Playback APIs you can supply video streams from any source, not just Video Cloud, and every behavior or appearance of the video player can be manipulated. We even expose our video player management API to allow easy addition of plugins and automatic CDN publishing. The API is clearly documented, making it easy to transition from the guided configuration of Video Cloud Studio into a more customized, API-driven process.

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