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Brightcove Gallery Helps Tribeca Film Festival® Drive 300% Increase in Mobile Traffic

Brightcove Gallery Helps Tribeca Film Festival® Drive 300% Increase in Mobile Traffic
We launched the Tribeca mobile app this year with Brightcove...a feature that was previously unavailable to us. It was our biggest tech success this year.
Marc HayesDirector of Web Production

Brightcove-Powered Video Galleries and Custom Mobile App Prompt Record-Setting Global Viewer Engagement

Since 2002, the Tribeca Film Festival has been a celebration of storytelling. What first started as a philanthropic effort to revitalize the local community and promote indie film has now grown to become one of the industry’s largest, most important cultural events. Together, artists and visionaries across diverse backgrounds converge in downtown Manhattan to honor the power of storytelling in all its forms, from film to TV, digital to VR, to music and gaming. This year alone, a record-high attendance of 153,000 people came to watch 530 screenings, talks, and exhibits, while an additional 4 million viewers participated via Facebook Live.

As the event continues to expand and attract audiences on a global scale, organizers are constantly seeking to engage and entertain viewers throughout the Festival’s off-season. That’s why Tribeca tapped Brightcove to give its website a boost with engaging video experiences guaranteed to bring more views and longer viewing times. Using Brightcove Gallery, Tribeca was able to create video sections that highlighted the breadth of the Festival’s program, all of which helped extend the event’s various offerings to wider audiences. In the end, Tribeca managed to drive record-setting ticket sales for 2017.

Brightcove Gallery Gives Tribeca A Marketing Boost Across Core Audiences

Besides screening works of talented independent filmmakers, Tribeca relies on video to (1) extend brand visibility, (2) expose storytellers to a wider viewership, (3) drive ticket sales, and (4) boost partnership and sponsorship opportunities. But with innovations in digital technology impacting video communications over time, Festival organizers are finding themselves constantly restrategizing to find the most effective and relevant marketing solutions. Highly-accessible, immersive video content, courtesy of Brightcove Video Cloud, was just the answer they needed. Through the Brightcove platform, Tribeca was able to deliver on all objectives across its three target audiences: consumers, internal staff, and industry press.

“We knew we needed to have some sort of on demand-meets-film festival platform,” says Marc Hayes, Director of Web Production for Tribeca. “And that was why we stepped up our video strategy with Brightcove. It simply made the most sense.”

Using Brightcove’s Gallery solution, Tribeca transformed its consumer-facing web pages, creating separate video gallery sites for its short film trailers, Festival programs, the Tribeca Immersive experience, and the Festival Film Guide. In doing so, organizers were able to take what was once exclusive to live audiences and make it widely accessible to viewers and indie film fans around the world.

On the internal side, Tribeca created a private gallery page for staff to screen full feature films on demand. This way, they could prepare for audience Q&As, filmmaker interviews, and general program awareness. And for industry and press pass holders, Tribeca designed a completely separate VOD gallery with gated access to the Festival’s entire program, which provided two specific benefits: one for the press themselves, and another for filmmakers.

“If industry and press people spend the day at various events, they may miss a lot of the screenings,” says Hayes. “But with the gated screening library, they can catch up in their hotel rooms, watch the films on demand, and then do interviews with filmmakers the next day. It’s very useful.”

And for filmmakers, having access to Brightcove’s real-time video analytics provided unparalleled access into the minds of their most discerning audiences.

“With Brightcove’s analytics, we get to monitor what’s watched by industry and press,” says Hayes. “Then we provide that information to filmmakers, letting them know exactly who watched and what kinds of projects they’re interested in.”

Tribeca organizers have seen just how valuable Brightcove’s platform has been for the entire team.

“By being able to display film trailers and customized player templates throughout our site, Brightcove has given us more tools to market within our domain.”

Mobile Access Drives 300% More Traffic, Spurs Mobile Optimization and App Development

To further extend the brand to wider audiences, Tribeca organizers shared video trailers to the group’s Facebook and Twitter pages, which lured additional traffic to the video galleries. In doing so, Hayes learned that mobile viewers were his strongest constituency.

“People using the browser on their phone versus the browser on their desktop—it’s a significant difference. Traffic went up 300% just through mobile browsers...It was huge.”

Another key factor in the increase of mobile traffic: Tribeca’s debut of their custom Tribeca Film Festival app, which fans could use to preview the full Festival program, bookmark films for future ticket purchases, and create a personal calendar. This marked the first time Festival organizers opted out of a print guide, replacing it with a digital version available exclusively online and on the app.

“It was our biggest success this year,” says Hayes. “It was the first year we could enable trailers to play directly through the app, a feature that was previously unavailable to us using an out-of-the-box app solution, but now doable with Brightcove.”

Through the combination of engaging video content across web and mobile devices, Tribeca organizers managed to grow its overall online traffic in the months leading up to the Festival. Once everything came to a close, Tribeca’s site saw a 62% increase in audience engagement, courtesy of Brightcove’s highly-optimized viewing environment.

Tribeca Plans for More Video As Quickly As Possible

The impact of Brightcove’s Gallery solution has led Tribeca organizers to one conclusion: to add more video as quickly as possible. The festival is looking to implement additional tools that’ll leverage the power of video and enhance Tribeca’s brand even further. Specifically, they’re planning to use Brightcove Social to distribute video content to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube throughout the Festival off-season, and they’re also looking to add more video features to the mobile app.

“We definitely plan to add some exclusive video content in there,” says Hayes. “And I’d like to use Brightcove Social to do it.”