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Brightcove Accelerates TV Everywhere Adoption with Adobe Pass Enablement Partnership

We are excited to announce today that we have licensed Adobe Pass authentication and authorization technology and have also become a certified Adobe Pass Enablement Partner. This allows us to offer new TV Everywhere authorization services to broadcasters, cable programming networks, and distributors to streamline their initiatives and provide on-demand access to TV content across both Flash and HTML5 environments.

As consumers spend more time online, there is a growing demand for easy access to first run TV content through PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. Broadcasters, cable programming networks, and cable, satellite, and telco TV distributors have been struggling to address this demand without disrupting established subscription business models. TV Everywhere provides subscribers with online access to their full lineup of TV content after authenticating as subscribers when they visit online TV destinations.

Adopters of the TV Everywhere model have struggled to reliably secure content while providing a positive user experience. Browser technology limitations cause concern about unauthorized access through credential-sharing.

Adobe Pass can validate the authentication using both Flash and HTML5, enabling access in both Web browsers and native apps across PCs, mobile devices, and connected TV devices. Adobe Pass technology harnesses Flash technology to offer cross-domain authentication and authorization at the player, page, and site level, which dramatically improves the user experience by reducing the need for viewers to re-enter their credentials.

The Brightcove TV Everywhere authorization service with Adobe Pass is expected to become generally available in the second half of 2011, and we are already working with several cable programmers to accelerate TV Everywhere rollouts based on the new technology. The service will be offered at additional cost to Brightcove Enterprise Edition subscribers. Contact Brightcove sales ( for additional information.